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Sharp R-90GC Operation Manual

High speed convection microwave oven
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    R-90GC(S) O/M ® HIGH SPEED CONVECTION MICROWAVE OVEN MODEL R-90GC(S) OPERATION MANUAL CONTENTS Page Warranty Inside of front cover Introduction Warning Special Notes Installation Instructions Oven Diagram Operation of Touch Control Panel Control Panel Display Touch Control Panel Layout Before Operating...
  • Page 2: Warranty

    Consumer Electronic Products Congratulations on Your Purchase! This Sharp product is warranted against faults in materials and manufacture for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of original purchase. If service is required during the warranty period, please contact your nearest Sharp Approved Service Cen- tre.
  • Page 3: Introduction

    Please take some time to read your operation manual carefully, the automatic cooking menus programmed into your new oven have been carefully developed to give optimum results when the step-by-step instructions are followed. When selecting another home appliance, please again consider our full range of Sharp products. R-90GC(S) O/M,01-14 03.7.11, 2:13 PM...
  • Page 4: Warning

    Do not try to adjust or repair the oven yourself. It is hazardous for anyone other than a qualified service technician trained by SHARP to carry out any service or repair operation. Especially those which involve the removal of a cover which gives protection against exposure to microwave energy are very hazardous.
  • Page 5: Special Notes

    R-90GC(S) O/M SPECIAL NOTES DON’T Eggs, fruits, * Puncture egg yolks and whites and * Cook eggs in shells. This prevents nuts, seeds, oysters before cooking to prevent "explosion", which may damage the vegetables, "explosion". oven or injure yourself. sausages and * Pierce skins of potatoes, apples, * Reheat whole eggs.
  • Page 6: Installation Instructions

    This oven shall not be installed below bench height. 6. Building the oven into the wall. A Sharp built-in kit model number EBR-90GKST is available which enables the microwave oven to be integrated within a kitchen, the kit is available from your retailer. This built-in kit has been tested according to Australian Standards.
  • Page 7: Operation Of Touch Control Panel

    R-90GC(S) O/M OPERATION OF TOUCH CONTROL PANEL The operation of the oven is controlled by pressing the appropriate keys arranged on the surface of the control panel. An entry signal tone should be heard each time you press the control panel to make a correct entry.
  • Page 8: Before Operating

    R-90GC(S) O/M BEFORE OPERATING Getting Started 1. Plug the oven into a power point and switch on the power. Ensure the door is closed. 2. The oven display will show "PRESS STOP". 3. Press the STOP/CLEAR key. The display will show ".0".
  • Page 9: Microwave Cooking

    R-90GC(S) O/M MICROWAVE COOKING Microwave Time Cooking This is a manual cooking feature, first enter the cooking time then the power level. There are five different power levels. You can programme up to 99 minutes, 90 seconds. – – – –...
  • Page 10: Instant Cook

    R-90GC(S) O/M Instant Cook™ For your convenience Sharp’s Instant Cook allows you to easily cook for one minute on 100% microwave power. Check the display. Press the INSTANT COOK/START key. (Within 3 minutes of closing the door.) MICRO COOK The timer begins to count down.
  • Page 11: Grill Cooking

    R-90GC(S) O/M GRILL COOKING The GRILL is a pre-programmed setting that cooks at high speed using a high temperature and maximum speed hot air circulation. It is assisted by the turntable which rotates to ensure even browning. Food can be placed either directly onto the racks, or into a flan dish/heat-resistant plate on the racks.
  • Page 12: Preheating

    R-90GC(S) O/M PREHEATING For best results, preheat to the required temperature with the turntable in the oven. Add food after preheating. *To preheat the oven to 180°C 1. Select preheating temperature 2. Press the INSTANT 3. When the oven reaches 180°C, by pressing the CONV.
  • Page 13: Convection Cooking

    R-90GC(S) O/M CONVECTION COOKING Your oven can be used as a conventional oven using the The temperatures available in °C are: convection facility which has10 pre-set oven temperatures. 40°C, 100°C, 130°C, 160°C, 180°C, During convection cooking, hot air is circulated throughout 190°C, 200°C, 220°C, 230°C, 250°C.
  • Page 14: Dual Cooking

    R-90GC(S) O/M DUAL COOKING Dual Cook combines microwave power with grill or convection. The DUAL cooking modes use high speed air circulation. The combination of microwave power with grill or convection reduces cooking time and provides a crisp, brown finish.
  • Page 15 R-90GC(S) O/M Example 2: * Suppose you want to cook for 20 minutes on DUAL 2 using 10% microwave power and 200°C convection. 3. If you want to change the 1. Enter desired 2. Select the cooking microwave power level, cooking time.
  • Page 16: Automatic Operations

    R-90GC(S) O/M AUTOMATIC OPERATIONS Notes for Automatic Operations 1. When using the automatic features, carefully follow the instructions provided in each MENU GUIDE to achieve the best result. If the instructions are not followed carefully, the food may be overcooked or undercooked.
  • Page 17: Basic Cook

    R-90GC(S) O/M BASIC COOK BASIC COOK allows you to cook up to 45 pre- PRESS BASIC COOK KEY FOOD CATEGORY SYMBOL programmed foods selected from 9 categories. Once Meat Please refer to the BASIC COOK MENU GUIDE Twice Poultry on page 7-8 of the cooking guides.
  • Page 18: Recipes

    R-90GC(S) O/M RECIPES PRESS BASIC COOK KEY FOOD CATEGORY SYMBOL The RECIPES function allows you to cook 45 Once Meat pre-programmed recipes selected from 9 categories. Twice Poultry Please refer to the RECIPES MENU GUIDE 3 times Fish on page 9 of the cooking guides and attached...
  • Page 19: Other Convenient Features

    R-90GC(S) O/M OTHER CONVENIENT FEATURES Sequence Cooking Your oven can be programmed for up to 4 automatic cooking sequences, switching from one variable setting to another automatically. These can include a combination of Microwave, Grill, Convection or Dual Cooking. Example:...
  • Page 20: Help Feature

    R-90GC(S) O/M Help Feature The HELP feature has 5 different programmes. Guide of Keys Each key carries a useful guide. * To get the guide for the BASIC COOK key. Check the display. 1. Press the HELP key once. 2. Press the BASIC COOK key.
  • Page 21: Sound Setting

    R-90GC(S) O/M Sound Setting This oven is preset with the Sound On. The sound can be turned off. *To turn off the sound. 1. Press the HELP key 3 times. 2. Press the STOP/CLEAR key. Check the display. The time of day will appear in the display.
  • Page 22: Time Adjustment For Automatic Cooking

    R-90GC(S) O/M Time Adjustment for Automatic Cooking The cooking times programmed into the automatic menus are tailored to the most popular tastes. To adjust the cooking time to your individual preference use the "more " or "less" feature to either add (more) or reduce (less) cooking time.
  • Page 23: Time Adjustment For Manual Cooking

    R-90GC(S) O/M Time Adjustment for Manual Cooking a) Adjusting time during cooking The cooking time can be decreased or increased in 1 minute increments each time the LESS ( ) and MORE ) keys are pressed. The cooking time can also be extended in multiples of 1 minute by pressing the INSTANT COOK/START key while the oven is in operation.
  • Page 24: Timer

    R-90GC(S) O/M Timer Use this feature as a general purpose timer. Examples include: timing boiled eggs cooked on the stove top. timing the recommended standing time of food. You can enter any time up to 99 minutes, 90 seconds. If you want to cancel the timer during the count down phase simply press STOP/CLEAR and the display will return to showing the time of day.
  • Page 25: Care And Cleaning

    R-90GC(S) O/M CARE AND CLEANING Disconnect the power supply cord before cleaning or leave the door open to inactivate the oven. Before cleaning ensure oven cavity is cool. CLEAN THE OVEN AT REGULAR INTERVALS - Keep the oven clean, or it could lead to deterioration of the surface.
  • Page 26: Service Call Check

    If both the wall socket and the fuse are functioning properly, CONTACT YOUR NEAREST SERVICE CENTRE APPROVED BY SHARP. NOTE: 1. If the time in the display is counting down rapidly, check Demonstration Mode. (Please see page 22 for detail.) 2.
  • Page 27: Cooking Guides

  • Page 28: Helpful Hints

    If you are unsure of Eg. Casseroles and Sauces. the cooking time and power level required, begin with low cooking times and power levels until the food is sufficiently heated evenly throughout. STIR R-90GC(S) C/B01-8 03.7.11, 1:07 PM...
  • Page 29 To prevent arcing when using a metal tin, place a heat resistant dish (Pyrex pie plate, dinner plate) between the tin and the rack. 4. Follow the recommended dual cooking times and procedures in the cookbook. R-90GC(S) C/B01-8 03.7.11, 1:07 PM...
  • Page 30 *2 For cooking food with high fat contents, do not bring the wrap in contact with the food as it may melt. *3 Some microwave safe plastic cookware are not suitable for cooking foods with high fat and sugar content. R-90GC(S) C/B01-8 03.7.11, 1:07 PM...
  • Page 31: Auto Cook Menu Guide

    • Arrange the vegetables in a shallow dish. Poteto Cauliflower • Cover with a glass lid or plastic wrap. Beans Pumpkin • After cooking, stir then stand covered. NOTE: Use MORE setting for potato and pumpkin R-90GC(S) C/B01-8 03.7.11, 1:07 PM...
  • Page 32 Soup stock or • After cooking, stand and stir. Hot tap water cups cups 3 cups for Rice (1cup = 250ml) Hot tap water 3 cups 4 cups 5 cups for Pasta (1cup = 250ml) R-90GC(S) C/B01-8 03.7.11, 1:07 PM...
  • Page 33: Easy Defrost Menu Guide

    For chicken pieces, steaks and chop, freeze separately in single flat layers and if necessary interleave with freezer plastic t o separate layers. This will ensure even defrosting. It is also a good idea to label the packs with the correct weights. R-90GC(S) C/B01-8 03.7.11, 1:07 PM...
  • Page 34 • When cooking frozen poultry with giblets, remove the giblets at the first or second turn over. • At the audible signal, turn the poultry over. (frozen poultry only) • After cooking, leave whole poultry to stand wrapped in aluminum foil for 10 minutes. R-90GC(S) C/B01-8 03.7.11, 1:07 PM...
  • Page 35 • Only pre-cooked, ready-made pies/quiches are recommended in this category. COOKING PROCEDURE: • Puff pastry pies are not recommended. • All foods in the Desserts category are ready-made, pre-packaged products. INITIAL TEMPERATURE: C: CHILLED (5°C) F: FROZEN (-18°C) A: AMBIENT (20°C) R-90GC(S) C/B01-8 03.7.11, 1:07 PM...
  • Page 36 Roasted Vegetables High+Low Baking trays Flan dish Fruit Tart Pizza No. Menu Rack Container Cook book page Margherita Pizza Rack Meat Feast Pizza Rack Ham & Pineapple Pizza Rack Pesto Pizza Rack Hawaiian Barbecue Pizza Rack R-90GC(S) C/B01-8 03.7.11, 1:07 PM...

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