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Sanyo ECD-T1137S Owner's Manual page 10

Pll synthesized stereo radio with digital compact disc player
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A. Notes on discs:
1. Attempting to use non-standar d shape discs (e.g. square, start, heart) may
damage the unit. Be sure to use round shape CD discs only for this unit.
2. Do not stick paper or tape etc., onto the label side or the recording side of
any discs, as it may cause a malfunction.
3. Dirt, dust, scratches and warping discs will cause misoperation.
B. Notes on CD-Rs (recordable CDs)/ CD-R Ws (rewritable CDs):
1. Be sure to use discs with following marks only for the unit to play:
2. The unit can only play a CD-R and CD-RW that is finalized. (Please refer to the
manual of your CD-R/CD-RW recorder or CD-R/CD-RW software for more
information on finalization process).
3. Depending on the recording status, conditions of the disc and the equipment
used for the recording, some CD-Rs/CD-RWs may not play on this unit. (See *1)
*1: To have more reliable play back, please see following recommendations:
- Use CD-RWs with speed 1x to 4x and write with speed 1x to 2x.
- Use CD-Rs with speed 1x to 8x and write with speed 1x to 2x.
- Do not play a CD-RW which has been written for mor e than 5 times.



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