Hints For Proper And Safe Operation - Sanyo FXCD-1350 Operating Instructions Manual

Fold down design full panel detachable fm stereo/am receiver auto reverse cassette player compact disc player with cd changer controller iso mounting with remote trim ring
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Moisture can condense on the optical lens of the CD player during humid or rainy days, or after the car
heater is turned on. If this occurs the disc player may not function properly. To remedy the situation,
remove the disc from the unit and wait approximately one hour. This should allow the moisture to
evaporate and restore normal operation.
Temperature Consideration
The unit may not operate correctly in extremely hot or cold temperatures. Avoid exposing the unit to
extremely high or low temperatures.
Interruptions in the sound (skipping)
When the car is driven on very rough surfaces, the sound from the CD player may skip and be interrupted.
This will not cause any damage to the disc or the player. If this occurs, wait for the road surface to
improve before using the CD player.
For safer driving, keep the volume at a moderate level to enable you to hear outside sounds (such as
emergency vehicle sirens).
Cleaning the unit
Clean the unit with a soft, dry cloth. Stains should be removed by wiping the surfaces with a soft cloth
immersed in lukewarm water and wrung dry. Never use strong chemicals or solvents. These will damage
the finish of the unit.
Disc care
When not using the disc player for extended periods, remove the compact disc and return it to the
plastic storage case. Do not leave a disc partially ejected from the player.
Should a problem develop, do not open the unit or try to repair it yourself. If servicing is required, bring
the unit to a Sanyo Authorized Service Center.


Table of Contents

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