Sanyo FXC-503LD Operating Instructions Manual
Sanyo FXC-503LD Operating Instructions Manual

Sanyo FXC-503LD Operating Instructions Manual

Full auto reverse car fldelity receiver/cassette player
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Full Auto Reverse Car Fldelity
with CD Changer Controller
Full Auto Reverse Car Fldeliiy
OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS . . . . . . . . . .
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Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for Sanyo FXC-503LD

  • Page 1 FXR-403LD Full Auto Reverse Car Fldelity FXC-503LD with CD Changer Controller Full Auto Reverse Car Fldeliiy (English) OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS ..1- 13 MODE D%MPLOI ..... 14- 26 .
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    SANYO car audio dealer. The highly-polished playback head should not come into contact with any metallic or magnetic tools. Clean the tape head, pinch roller, and capstans at least once a month using a quality audio head-cleaning cas- sette.
  • Page 3: Generaloperation

    CAUTION Do not attempt to remove the panel in a manner other than that described above. When installing the panel, do not force it into the unit. Do not touch the connection terminals of the panel or the unit. It may cause poor contact. Use a clean, dry cloth when cleaning the terminals.
  • Page 4 ELECTRONIC SOUND EQUALIZER (E.S.E.) BUTTON s......4 * FXC403LD only that conform to various types of music-pop, rock, classical, jazz and country. To select a desired equalizer option, press button @. Defeat (flat) - Rock - Jazz - Pop - Classics - Country & Western RADIO SELECTION BUTTON .
  • Page 5: Tape Operation

    Insert a cassette into the tape slot 0 and the tape player will start. With a tape inserted, pressing button @ switches directly to tape mode from either radio or CD* mode. *FXC-503LD only 3, 4 SWITCHING THE TAPE DIRECTION ..
  • Page 6: Radio Operation

    RADIO OPERATION SELECTING RADIO MODE Press button 0. The mode will switch from CD* or tape to the radio mode. Press button @ to select the desired band. FM1 - FM2 - MW - LW RADIO TUNING ......M a n u a l t u n i n g .
  • Page 7: Cd Operation

    Distant stations (weak signals) ..... . press the button to turn on “DX” in the display. CD OPERATION FXC-503LD WORKS IN CONJUNCTION WITH SANYO CD CHANGER (FXD-ClOO/FXD- SELECTING CD MODE Press button @ to switch from radio or tape mode to CD mode.
  • Page 8 Note thesystem willautomatically switch to clock display mode. SELECTING A DISC ......Press button @to select the next disc. Press button 0 to select the preceding disc.
  • Page 9 Press button @ to select the desired CD changer. (CDlICD2) Note If only one CD changer is installed, button @I is not effective. CD Changer 1 FXC-503LD CD Changer 2 Note When two CD changers are connected, set the select button 6f one CD changer to 1 and the other to 2.
  • Page 10: Error Signs

    ERROR SIGNS If a problem should occur while operating the CD changer, one of the folloying error signs may be displayed. Error Sign Cause Remedy of ourchase. The disc is inserted incorrectly. Insert the disc properly. Refer to the CD-Changer Operating Instructions.
  • Page 11: Accessoriesandhardware

    ACCESSORIES AND HARDWARE Mounting Screw M5 Mounting Grommet Mounting Bracket (Half Sleeve) x 1 Removing Tool...
  • Page 12: Installation

    INSTALLATION DASHBOARD OR CONSOLE MOUNTING SCREW 1. Insert the mounting bracket into the DIN-standard cutout (182 x 53 mm) in the dashboard or console. 2. Bend the mounting bracket stopper outwards until the bracket fits snugly in the cutout. 3. Install the supplied mounting screw (M5) in the audio unit. Cover the mounting screw with the supplied rubber cap.
  • Page 13: Connections

    ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS WIRING Antenna Plug tern - -- power supply (Yellow) Accessory/Switched (Red) Ground wire (Black) Power Antenna/Amplifier Turn On (Blue/Red) Caution DO NOT connect any speaker wires to the metal body or chassis of the vehicle. . DO NOT connect the speaker common (-) wires to each other. Connect each speaker wire directly to each speaker terminal.
  • Page 14: Line Out/Cd Changer Connections

    When fuse replacement is necessary, remove the blown fuse by using pliers. Then install the new IO amp fuse. LINE OUT/CD CHANGER CONNECTIONS(FXC-503LD Only) Since this unit has a CD changer controller and output terminals, you can use a CD changer and an amplifier to upgrade your vehicle stereo system.

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Table of Contents