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Glossary - Kenwood Sovereing DV-5700 Instruction Manual

Kenwood multiple dvd vcd cd player dv-5700 instruction manual
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DVD (Digital Versatile Disc): DVD VIDEO is a disc
featuring high video/audio quality, made possible by
large recording capacity of video and audio signals
of movie software, etc. and by digital signal process-
ing. DVD AUDIO has been desired to provide even
higher audio quality than DVD VIDEO by using high-
bit, high sampling rate processing.
VIDEO CD (VCD): This is a CD containing moving pic-
ture. By compressing video data to about 1/120 and
audio data to about 1/6, a 12 cm disc with the same
size as ordinary music CD can store moving pictures
and audio for up to about 74 minutes.
The VCD includes the P.B.C.-incompatible discs with
only the playback capability (Version 1.1) and P.B.C.-
compatible discs with the menu playback and spe-
cial playback capabilities (Version 2.0)
MPEG (Moving Picture Expert Group) (DVD, VCD):
A digital video and audio compression and decom-
pression system which is standardized as an interna-
tional standard.
Decoder: A device for restoring standard audio signal
from audio data recorded based on coding into DVD
data, etc. This processing is referred to as decoding.
Downmixing: Conversion of multichannel audio sig-
nals of DVD or DTS-CD into 2-channel stereo sig-
Sampling rate: Sampling refers to converting an ana-
log signal into digital signal by slicing the analog sig-
nal into fine parts at a certain time interval and digi-
tizing every sliced part. The sampling rate is the count
of slicing per second. The original sound can be re-
produced more faithfully when the sampling rate is
Quantization bit: The quantization bit count refers to
the number used in digitizing the sliced parts ob-
tained by slicing the analog signal as described above.
The quantization bit count is the number of bits used
in digitization per second. The original sound can be
reproduced more faithfully when the quantization
bit count is larger.
Linear PCM (Pulse Code Modulation): Audio signal
format without using compression. In the DVD which
has a very large disc capacity, the linear PCM signal
using high sampling rate can be recorded.
Packed PCM : The packed PCM(P.PCM) signal is ob-
tained by compressing the linear PCM signal featur-
ing large data amount and high sampling rate. With
this compression, the signal before compression can
be restored perfectly.
Bitstream (DVD): This is the generic name given for
the flow of data based on a standard such as Dolby
Digital, DTS, MPEG, etc.
Dolby Digital: A digital audio compression technology
developed by Dolby Laboratories, Inc. It is compat-
ible with 6-channel surround audio as well as 2-chan-
nel stereo, and capable of recording a large amount
of audio data efficiently in a disc.
DTS : Digital surround system developed by Digital The-
ater Systems, Inc.
Title/Title No. (DVD VIDEO): The title is the largest
unit of video or audio recorded in DVD VIDEO. Usu-
ally, a title corresponding to a movie product with
video software or an album (or a piece of music) with
music software. The numbers assigned to the titles
are referred to as title numbers.
Chapter 7: Other Information
Chapter/Chapter No. (DVD VIDEO): The chapter is a
partition of video or audio that is smaller than the
title. A title is composed of multiple chapters. The
numbers assigned to the chapters are referred to as
chapter numbers.
Group/Group No. (DVD AUDIO): The group is the
largest unit of the contents in DVD AUDIO. Usually,
a group corresponds to an album. The numbers as-
signed to the groups are referred to as group num-
Track/Track No. (DVD AUDIO, VCD, CD): The track
is a partition of audio (such as a piece of music or
music chapter) in a disc. These partitions are num-
bered and the numbers are referred to as track num-
bers. While a track usually corresponds to a piece of
music with DVD AUDIO or ordinary music CD, the
partitions of contents and track numbers are not al-
ways corresponding with VCD. As a result, while all
of the playback operations including track skipping
and programming of ordinary music CD are based
on the track number information, such operations
may sometimes be unavailable with VCD.
AVTT (Audio Video Title): Part of DVD AUDIO that
contains moving pictures. The audio language, sub-
title language and viewing angles in this part can be
switched by the user.
AOTT (Audio Only Title): Part of DVD AUDIO that
contains audio and still pictures. The audio language
and still pictures in this part can be switched by the
Subtitle language (DVD): Some DVDs contain the re-
cording of multiple subtitle languages. This player
allows the user to select desired one of the recorded
subtitle languages during playback of such a DVD.


Table of Contents

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