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Bofore Start; Preparation Of Remote Control Unit; Installing The Batteries; Remote Control Range - Kenwood Sovereing DV-5700 Instruction Manual

Kenwood multiple dvd vcd cd player dv-5700 instruction manual
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Before Start
Do not insert the power cord plugs of the player and the
connected components until all of the components have
been connected.
Be sure to insert all connection cables securely. If a cable
is plugged incompletely, lack of video, lack of audio or
noise may result.
Before connecting or disconnecting a connection cord,
be sure to unplug the power plug from the wall power
outlet. If a connection cable is connected or disconnected
while the power plug is left connected, malfunction or
equipment damage may result.
When a DVD AUDIO disc is played, the player can output
audio signals at very high frequencies. As this may
sometimes lead to speaker damage due to a high-volume
sound, do not set "Audio Filter" to "Filter 110 kHz" when
the speakers in use are not suitable for high-frequency
Also, be sure to check the actual sound level when
increasing or decreasing the volume control setting.
Preparation of Remote Control

Installing the batteries:

Open the cover and insert the batteries (R6/AA) by
observing the polarity marking.

Remote control range:

¶ When the controllable distance of the joystick remote
reduces, replace both batteries with new ones.
¶ Do not install the player in a place where the remote
control sensor is subjected to direct sunlight or the
light of a fluorescent lamp base on high-frequency
lighting (inverter system, etc.). Otherwise, the control
range of the joystick remote will be reduced.
MP3 Files That Can Be Played
Back with This Equipment
Compressing MP3 files
Please set up the transfer bit rate setting for the compression
software when compressing MP3 files as follows:
MP3 file: 128kbps recommended (32 kbps-320 kbps)
¶ This unit is compatible with 32kHz, 44.1kHz
(recommended) and 48 kHz samplimg frequencies.
Categorizing folders
As MP3 files are compressed into high-quality sound files
at an extremely high rate of compression, it is possible
to record several times more tracks than audio CDs onto
a single medium. It is therefore convenient to split the
tracks into different folders by genre, artist or album for
retrieval and repeat playback purposes.
Additional information
Usable formats :
ISO9660 level 1 (excluding expanded formats)
If the joystick remote is used
Text display
outside this area, correct operations
Both file and folder names are displayed in up 8
will not be possible.
uppercase alphanumeric characters.
Time display
With a MP3 files, only the "Single Time" information is
ID3-TAG infomation
This unit is not compatible with this function.
"Digital" output from MP3 files
This unit does not output the "Digital" signal when it
plays back an MP3 files.
Restriction by session
This unit can play back only the closed sessions.
With CD-DA
With MP3 files
Chapter 1: Connection of Equipment
¶ A maximum of 999 folders or a maximum of 999
files can be stored on a single media.
¶ There are cases where it is not possible to save
folders in the desired sequence depending on the
software being used.
With a multi-session disc, this unit plays back the first
session only.
Note on the multi-session disc and CD-DA (music data)
¶ This unit is compatible with multi-session discs.
¶ The music CD data (CD-DA data) can be played
only when its first session is composed of music
CD data (CD-DA data).
The second and later sessions are not played back.
However, when "the number of sessions is '2'" and
"its second session is composed of music CD data
(CD-DA data)", the music CD data (CD-DA) can
be played back.



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