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To Be Noted - Kenwood Sovereing DV-5700 Instruction Manual

Kenwood multiple dvd vcd cd player dv-5700 instruction manual
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To Be Noted

Maintenance of the unit
When the front panel or case becomes dirty, wipe with a
soft, dry cloth. Do not use thinner, benzine, alcohol, etc.
for these agents may cause discoloration.
In regard to contact cleaner
Do not use contact cleaners because it could cause a
malfunction. Be specially careful not to use contact
cleaners containing oil, for they may deform the plastic
Never play a cracked or warped disc
During playback, the disc rotates at high speed in the
player. Therefore, to avoid danger, never use a cracked or
deformed disc or a disc repaired with tape or adhesive
agent. Please do not use discs which are not round
because they may cause malfunction.
Disc accessories
The disc accessories (stabilizer, protection sheet,
protection ring, etc.) which are marketed for improving
the sound quality or protecting discs as well as the disc
cleaner should not be used with this system because they
may cause malfunction.Disc handling precautions
Handling : Hold the disc so that you do not touch the
playing surface.
Sticky paste
Do not attach paper or tape to either the playing
side or the label side of the discs.
Cleaning : If there fingerprint marks or foreign matter
found on the disc, lightly wipe the disc with a soft cotton
cloth (or similar) from the center of the disc outwards
in a radial manner.
Storage : When a disc is not to be played for a long
period of time, remove it from the player and store it in
its case.
Malfunction of Microcomputer
In case the microcomputer malfunctions, making
operations impossible or showing wrong messages on
the display even if you connected everything properly.
When the microcomputer malfunctions, perform the
following procedure to reset the microcomputer and
return it to the normal condition.
While holding
- ON – OFF
The display on the main unit shows blinking
"INIT"(initializing), then shows "INIT OK!" (Ini-
tialization OK) to indicate that the microcomputer
is reset.
- ON – OFF
Label side
it again to turn it on.
Playing side
¶ The resetting clears the setups stored in the
microcomputer and returns it to the factory-set
initial condition. After resetting, you should
perform the various setups of the player again from
the beginning.
on the player main unit,
on the main unit to turn it off, then press
Chapter 7: Other Information
Transport or moving precautions
When transporting or moving the player, first remove the disc
and observe the following procedure.
Turn the player power on.
If any disc is left in the player, eject all of the discs left
in it.
Wait for a few seconds, until the display shows "NO
Turn the player power off by pressing
Caution on condensation
Condensation (of dew) may occur inside the unit when
there is a great difference in temperature between this
unit and the outside.
This unit may not function properly if condensation occurs.
In this case, leave the unit for a few hours and restart the
operation after the condensation has dried up.
Be specially cautious against condensation in the
following circumsatances:
When this unit is carried from one place to another across
a large difference in temperature, when the humidity in
the room where this unit is installed increases, etc.
- ON – OFF



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