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Configuration Of Discs; Turning Power On - Kenwood Sovereing DV-5700 Instruction Manual

Kenwood multiple dvd vcd cd player dv-5700 instruction manual
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Configuration of Discs

DVD AUDIO disc configuration
Group 1
Group 2
Track 1
2 2 3 4 5
Track 1
2 2 3 4 5
Index 1
The group is the largest unit composing the music in an
DVD AUDIO disc. Each group is composed of multiple
tracks, and each track is composed of multiple indices.
DVD VIDEO disc configuration
Title 1
Title 2
Chapter 1
2 2 3 4 5
Chapter 1
The title is the largest unit composing the music and/or
pictures in an DVD VIDEO disc. Each title is composed of
multiple chapters.
CD and VCD disc configuration
Track 1
2 2 3 4 5
MP3 disc configuration
MP3 disc
Folder 1
File 1
2 2 3 4 5 6 7
2 2
The folder is the storage unit at the highest level in the
disc. Sometimes a single folder contains more than one
file, or sometimes files are recorded directly in the disc in
place of being included in a folder. Some discs also have a
hierarchical structure in which a folder includes sub-folders.
Note that the file numbers are not assigned on a per-folder
basis but they are assigned consecutively for all the files in
the whole disc.
2 2

Turning power on

Turn the connected components on and set the in-
put selector of the connected amplification compo-
nent to "DVD"
Folder 2
File 8
2 9
2 10
lights, indicating that the power of the player is in
the standby mode.
When the power of the player is in the standby mode,
¶ When the player is turned on, it reads the discs in
the tray and lights the disc number indicators on
the display to inform the user of presence and
absence of discs. If there is any disc in the tray at
this moment, the disc will be played back
"NO PLAY" is displayed when the loaded disc is
not playable on this player.
[To put the player power in the standby mode]
¶ When the power is on, press the POWER
button on the joystick remote. The "STANDBY"
indicator lights up to indicate that the player is in
the standby mode of power.
[To turn the player off]
¶ When the power is on or standby, press the POWER
button on the player main unit to turn it off.
Chapter 3: Basic Operation
on the player. The "STANDBY" indicator
- ON – OFF
on the joystick remote.



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