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To Connect An Av Amplifier; To Set Up Of The Player - Kenwood Sovereing DV-5700 Instruction Manual

Kenwood multiple dvd vcd cd player dv-5700 instruction manual
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Table of Contents
Connection with an AV Amplifier
Do not insert the power cord plugs of the player and the
connected components until all of the components have
been connected.
For details on the connection terminals and functions
of the AV amplifier, refer to its instruction manual.
The video output from the player should be connected
directly to the AV amplifier. If the video output is
connected through a VCR, the picture displayed on the
TV may be disturbed due to the copy protect function.

To Connect an AV amplifier

6-Channel audio connection: When the connected AV
amplifier has 6-channel audio input jacks, connect
the 6CH. OUTPUT jacks of the player to them.
¶ When an amplifier which is not compatible with 6-
channel inputs is connected, use the signals from
the MIX LINE OUTPUT jacks of the player. The
multi-channel surround audio will be down-mixed
and output.
Audio connection: Connect the MIX LINE OUTPUT
jacks of the player to the audio input jacks of the AV
amplifier using the provided audio cables.
Digital audio connection: Connect the COAXIAL
DIGITAL OUTPUT connector of the player to the
digital audio input connector of the AV amplifier.
¶ It is also possible to perform digital connection
using a commercially available optical fiber cable
Video connection: Connect the VIDEO OUTPUT jack
of the player to the video input jack of the AV ampli-
fier using the provided video cable.
S Video connection: When the connected TV has an S
Video connector, connect the S VIDEO OUTPUT
connector of the player to it using the provided S
Video cable.
¶ As S Video separates video signal into the
luminance signal (Y) and color signal (C), it can
provide sharper pictures than ordinary video

To Set Up of the Player

Setup of Menu screen: The language to be used in the
menus of the player can be selected.
¶ The default language set at the factory is English.
"Player Menu Language" Setting
Setup for digital audio connection: If the connected
AV amplifier does not contain any of Dolby Digital,
DTS and MPEG decoder, be sure to set the "Digital
Audio" settings after connecting the player to it.
For the nonexistent decoders, set the "Digital Audio" set-
ting to "PCM". If the player is played without chang-
ing the initial "Bitstream" setting, extremely loud
noise will be produced and may damage the speak-
"Digital Audio PCM Down Conversion" Setting
"Digital Audio Dolby Digital" Setting
"Digital Audio DTS" Setting
"Digital Audio MPEG" Setting
Setup for 6-channel audio connection: When the
audio is connected using the 6CH. OUTPUT jacks of
the player, set the player as follows.
"Speaker Setting"
Chapter 1: Connection of Equipment
Audio output from DVD AUDIO
When the "D.MIX" (down-mix) indicator is not lit, the
output jacks output the front (L/R) channel signals
instead of the down-mixed 2-channel signals. The 6CH.
OUTPUT jacks output the same number of channels as
the original number of channels recorded in the DVD
AUDIO disc, regardless of the speaker setting. When the
"P.PCM" indicator is lit, the 6CH. OUTPUT jacks output
the same number of channels as the original number of
channels regardless of whether the "D.MIX" indicator is
lit or not.
DTS disclaimer clause
DTS Digital Surround™ is a discrete 5.1 channel digital
audio format available on CD, LD, and DVD software
which consequently cannot be decoded and played
back inside most CD, LD, or DVD players. For this
reason, when DTS-encoded software is played back
through the analog outputs of the CD, LD, or DVD
player, excessive noise will be exhibited. To avoid
possible damage to the audio system, proper
precautions should be taken by the consumer if the
analog outputs are connected directly to an
amplification system. To enjoy DTS Digital Surround™
playback, an external 5.1 channel DTS Digital
Surround™ decoder system must be connected to the
digital output (S/P DIF, AES/EBU, or TosLink) of the
CD, LD or DVD player.
This unit is equipped with DTS Digital Surround™


Table of Contents

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