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Sony PCWA-C300S Quick Start Manual page 3

Wireless lan pc card
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Unpacking your Wireless LAN PC Card
Unpack your Wireless LAN PC Card and check the complete contents of
the box. It contains the following:
Wireless LAN PC Card
CD-ROM (setup disc)
Documentation pack
Setting up the Access Point
Before installing the device driver and the utility software, make sure your
Access Point is configured and connected. Close all Windows
operating system is either Windows
administrator rights to install the software.
Inserting the supplied CD-ROM
Insert the supplied CD-ROM. You will be prompted to choose a language. The
Easy Installation Wizard starts. Alternatively, click on Setup.exe or Setup
file on the CD-ROM. Confirm if you want to proceed with the installation and
then choose the corresponding type of CD-ROM drive. Click External if your
computer has one PC Card slot which you use to connect your CD-ROM drive.
You will be asked to copy the Wireless LAN folder to your local hard disk. Then,
remove the CD-ROM drive from the PC Card slot. Click Main Menu to start the
installation. Click Built-in if you can use the CD-ROM drive while the Wireless
LAN PC Card is inserted.
Installing the device driver and the utility software
On the Main Menu click Install driver. You will be asked to insert the PC Card.
You do not need to turn off your computer before inserting the Wireless LAN
PC Card. Insert the Wireless LAN PC Card firmly into your computer's PC Card
slot. While inserting it, hold it at the antenna base on both sides. Do not hold
the card by the protruding part of the antenna as it might damage the card.
Click Continue to install Wireless Panel, then click Install Utility and follow
the instructions on the screen.
Starting Wireless Panel
Make sure the device driver and the Wireless Panel Utility software are
installed correctly.
Click Start, (All) Programs, Wireless LAN, Wireless Panel. For details on
using Wireless Panel, refer to the software's online Help files.
Setting up the connection environment
Before you set up the wireless network connection, make sure the Access Point
and the computer containing the Wireless LAN PC Card are within 100 metres
of each other (depending on the environment). Turn on the Access Point, start
up the software and make your connection configuration settings before you
begin, following the detailed instructions in the accompanying documentation.
For detailed information on setting up the network connection, using the
Wireless LAN PC Card, and troubleshooting, please refer to the Wireless LAN PC
Card PCWA-C300S Operating Instructions, Troubleshooting Guide and the
software's online Help files.
Important: Please read the Safety Regulations Guide carefully before use.
2000 or Windows
programs. If your
XP, you must have



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