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Asus GigaX User Manual Page 129

Layer 3 managed switch.
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network mask
GigaX Series L3 Managed Switch User Guide
Abbreviation for Megabits per second, or one million bits per
second. Network data rates are often expressed in Mbps.
Also called "Roving Analysis", allow you to attach a network
analyzer to one port and use it to monitor the traffics of other
ports on the switch.
A group of computers that are connected together, allowing them
to communicate with each other and share resources, such as
software, files, etc. A network can be small, such as a LAN, or
very large, such as the Internet.
A network mask is a sequence of bits applied to an IP address to
select the network ID while ignoring the host ID. Bits set to 1
mean "select this bit" while bits set to 0 mean "ignore this bit." For
example, if the network mask is applied to the IP
address, the network ID is 100.10.50, and the host
ID is 1. See also binary, IP address, subnet, "IP Addresses
Explained" section.
Network Interface Card
An adapter card that plugs into your computer and provides the
physical interface to your network cabling, which for Ethernet
NICs is typically an RJ-45 connector. See Ethernet, RJ-45.
Data transmitted on a network consists of units called packets.
Each packet contains a payload (the data), plus overhead
information such as where it came from (source address) and
where it should go (destination address).


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