Fujitsu Stylistic 3500 User Manual
Fujitsu Stylistic 3500 User Manual

Fujitsu Stylistic 3500 User Manual

Fujitsu stylistic 3500: user guide
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 4 All other products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Copyright 2001 - Fujitsu PC Corporation. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be copied, reproduced, or translated, without the prior written consent of Fujitsu PC Corporation. No...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Chapter 1 Getting Started In-box Items for the Stylistic 3500 Pen Tablet ... Optional Accessories ... Stylistic 3500 Pen Tablet Features... 3 Status Display... 7 Hotpads ... Connectors and Peripheral Interfaces... 11 Chapter 2 Using the Stylistic 3500 Pen Tablet System States ...
  • Page 6 Notice to Users of Radios and Television... Notice to Users of the Canadian Telephone Network... Avis Aux Utilisateurs Du Réseau Téléphonique Canadien... 39 Appendix B Stylistic 3500 Hardware Specifications Physical Specifications ... Processing Specifications ... 41 Memory/Storage Specifications ... Input/Output Specifications ...
  • Page 7: Getting Started

    Windows 2000. This chapter provides an overview of the Stylistic 3500 pen tablet and its features. In-box Items for the Stylistic 3500 Pen Tablet Verify that the following items are included in the box with your Stylistic 3500 pen tablet: • Stylistic 3500 stylus •...
  • Page 8: Optional Accessories

    Optional Accessories The following optional accessories can be used with the Stylistic 3500 pen tablet. Refer to the instructions provided with these accessories for details on their use. Peripheral/Accessory Stylistic 3500 port replicator Stylistic 3500 mini-dock Stylistic 3500 high-usage cradle...
  • Page 9: Stylistic 3500 Pen Tablet Features

    Stylistic 3500 Pen Tablet Features Features and controls that you use to operate the Stylistic 3500 pen tablet are described briefly below and illustrated in Figures 1-1 and 1-2. Details on using these features and controls are provided later in this manual.
  • Page 10 † mini-dock. • Floppy drive port: Allows you to attach a floppy disk drive to the system. • Serial port: Allows you to connect an external serial device to the Stylistic 3500. † These peripherals and accessories are sold separately.
  • Page 11 (Power and USB) Air Flow Vents Battery Latch Figure 1-2 Stylistic 3500 Pen Tablet Features (Rear/Bottom View) Rear / Bottom / Left Features: • System interface connector: Allows you to connect the Stylistic port replicator, Stylistic mini-dock, or other approved docking device.
  • Page 12 • Port replicator latch point: Allows you to attach the system to a port replicator. • Memory module cover: Removable cover over the memory modules. • Radio cover guide: Provides alignment guides and latch points for the third-party LAN radio solution. •...
  • Page 13: Status Display

    Status Display Icons appear in the Status display indicating the status of system functions such as system power and battery charge level. The location of icons in the Status display is shown in Figure 1-3. Table 1-1 explains how individual icons are displayed, and describes what the variations of that display indicate.
  • Page 14 Icon Mode/State Charge/ • On State DC Input • Idle Mode • Suspend-to-RAM • Save-to-Disk • Off State Battery • On State • Idle Mode • Suspend-to-RAM with AC adapter • Save-to-Disk, with AC adapter • Off State • Suspend-to-RAM, without AC adapter •...
  • Page 15: Hotpads

    • On State (or flashing) Access • Idle Mode • Suspend-to-RAM • Save-to-Disk • Off State Hovering • On State (Hovering enabled) • On State (Hovering disabled) • Suspend-to-RAM • Save-to-Disk • Off State Hotpads Hotpads are stylus-active areas below the system display that you can use to adjust the settings of the display and speaker settings while the system is running.
  • Page 16 The pen tablet display screen appears blank when an external monitor alone is selected. • Brightness hotpads Note: These hotpads are not applicable to Stylistic 3500 systems with outdoor reflective displays. These hotpads allow you to adjust the display brightness. The brightness can be adjusted to eight levels.
  • Page 17: Connectors And Peripheral Interfaces

    Specific locations are illustrated in Figure 1-1 and Figure 1-2. Table 1-2 provides a description of each peripheral connector on the Stylistic 3500 pen tablet. Each of the illustrated icons is printed on the pen tablet case.
  • Page 18 RJ-11 telephone plug. Install the pen tablet in an approved docking device. The contacts provide DC input and USB interface. Connect the Stylistic 3500 port replicator or other approved docking device. Refer to the documentation accompanying the docking device for more information.
  • Page 19 In addition to the connector and interface icons, there are a number of icons that illustrate component orientation and buttons. These icons are illustrated in Table 1-3. Icon Description Battery Battery Release Button Battery Release Latch, Open Battery Release Latch, Closed Power On / Suspend / Resume Button Emergency Shutoff Button...
  • Page 20 Getting Started...
  • Page 21: Using The Stylistic 3500 Pen Tablet

    System States Before you begin using the Stylistic 3500 pen tablet, review the different system states (or modes) that the pen tablet can use. Being familiar with these system states will help you determine whether it is appropriate to turn on, resume, suspend, or shut down the system when you begin a new session or end your current session.
  • Page 22 Your system may be configured to enter some of these states automatically after a period of inactivity to conserve battery power. When you use the Stylistic 3500 pen tablet, you can change the current system state in a number of ways, depending on the current state of the system. To determine the current system state, observe the Power icon in the Status display.
  • Page 23: Powering Up The Pen Tablet

    Powering Up the Pen Tablet Follow the procedure below to start the Stylistic 3500 pen tablet. Before you begin, confirm that the system is in the Off state. To do so, observe the Status display. If the Power icon is not visible in the Status display, the system is in the Off state or in Save-to-Disk mode and it is safe to perform this procedure.
  • Page 24: Suspending System Operation

    Suspending System Operation The Stylistic 3500 pen tablet allows you to suspend the system operation without closing programs or exiting the operating system. Use this feature to conserve battery power when a system shutdown is not practical or when the battery needs to be changed.
  • Page 25 system operation. Also, note the following with regard to suspending system operation: • You can remove the battery pack while the system is in Suspend-to-RAM or Save-to-Disk modes in order to install a charged battery pack. To prevent losing unsaved data, wait until system operation has suspended before you remove the battery pack.
  • Page 26: Resuming System Operation

    Using the stylus You can use the Stylistic 3500 stylus (also called a “pen”) to generate and create electronic “ink”, to select items, and to navigate through programs on the pen tablet. The stylus can be used like a two button mouse when used in conjunction with the right-mouse button hotpad.
  • Page 27: Calibrating The Stylus

    Stylus calibration may be required due to the following situations: • The stylus is being used for the first time. • The previous user of the Stylistic 3500 pen tablet writes with the opposite hand or at a different stylus angle.
  • Page 28: Replacing The Stylus

    Configuration icon. Select the Calibration property sheet, then click on Pen Calibration. 2. Position the Stylistic 3500 pen tablet as you normally would during use. Be sure to hold the stylus at the angle that you regularly use. Touch the screen only with the stylus tip;...
  • Page 29: Charging The Battery Pack

    Charging the Battery Pack The Stylistic 3500 battery pack can be charged while it is installed in the pen tablet. To do so: 1. Connect a DC power source, such as the AC adapter, to the DC input connector on the pen tablet. The DC Input icon appears in the Status display. If the battery pack charge level is below 90%, the battery pack begins charging and the Charging icon appears in the Status display.
  • Page 30: Removing And Installing The Battery Pack

    • The Stylistic 3500 battery pack uses Lithium ion battery cells which have no “memory effect.” You do not need to discharge the battery pack before you begin charging. Removing and Installing the Battery Pack The battery pack can be removed from the pen tablet and swapped with a charged battery pack.
  • Page 31: Tips For Conserving Battery Power

    Battery Release Latch Battery Cover Figure 2-1 Removing the Battery Pack Tips for Conserving Battery Power You can extend the charge life of your battery pack by conserving battery power. (Your results may vary depending on your application and how the system is configured.) Here are some suggestions to help you conserve battery power: •...
  • Page 32: Modem Connection

    LAN port on the system itself. The Stylistic 3500 pen tablet is designed to accept a standard RJ-11 telephone plug. Connect the plug to the modem jack located on the top of the pen tablet, to the left of the IrDA port (reference Figure 1-1).
  • Page 33: Pc Card Slot

    PC Card Slot The Stylistic 3500 pen tablet PC Card slot allows you to install a Type II PCMCIA CardBus card. To install a PC card, position the side with the arrow facing up (i.e., when looking at the tablet’s display side, the arrow on the card should be visible.) Slide the card into the PC Card slot, and press it firmly to ensure proper seating.
  • Page 34 Using the Stylistic 3500 Pen Tablet...
  • Page 35: Care And Maintenance

    Protecting the Display Screen The Stylistic 3500 pen tablet is designed to provide you with years of service. Using a screen protector will help ensure that the screen remains as clear as possible. When installed, the screen protector becomes a durable, replaceable writing surface that protects the display screen from abrasion.
  • Page 36: Storing The Stylistic 3500 Pen Tablet

    Store the Stylistic 3500 pen tablet in the Off state with a fully charged battery pack installed. You can store the pen tablet in the Off state for about 30 days with a fully charged battery pack installed.
  • Page 37: Avoiding Overheating

    Avoiding Overheating The Stylistic 3500 pen tablet monitors its internal temperature. As the internal temperature approaches the tolerable limits of heat-sensitive components, system functions are automatically limited or turned off to prevent damage. To avoid overheating the pen tablet, do not obstruct the air vents on the top and bottom edges of the pen tablet.
  • Page 38: Troubleshooting

    Move the pen tablet to a cooler location. Display Screen Is Blank or Difficult to Read If the display screen on your Stylistic 3500 pen tablet appears blank or is unreadable, confirm that the system is running (the Power icon is displayed continuously on the Status display), and check the following: •...
  • Page 39: Infrared Data Transfer Is Not Working

    Infrared Data Transfer Is Not Working If you are experiencing problems transferring data over the system’s infrared interface, note the following: • Can the IrDA port on the pen tablet “see” the IrDA port on the other device? A direct line-of-sight path must exist between the IrDA port on the pen tablet and the IrDA port on the other device.
  • Page 40: Configuring Peripherals Interfaces

    Configuring Peripherals Interfaces Certain peripheral devices can be disabled during the BIOS Setup. If the peripheral interface you want to use does not appear to be working with your peripheral device, ensure that it is enabled in the BIOS. Contact your local help desk or reseller if you need assistance using BIOS Setup.
  • Page 41: Appendix A Agency Notices

    Agency Notices UL Notices • Changes or modifications not expressly approved by Fujitsu PC Corporation could void this user’s authority to operate the equipment. • This unit requires an AC Adapter to operate. Use only UL Listed “Class 2” adapters with an output rating of 16 Vdc, 3.36 A.
  • Page 42: Notice To Users Of Radios And Television

    RF emissions limits governing this device. Notice to Users of the US Telephone Network The Stylistic 3500 pen tablet is supplied with an internal modem which complies with Part 68 of the FCC rules. On the pen tablet is a label that contains the FCC Registration Number and Ringer Equivalence Number (REN) of this system, along with other information.
  • Page 43 In most, but not all, areas, the sum of all of the devices should not exceed five (5). To be certain of the number of devices you may connect to your line, as determined by the RENs, contact your local telephone company. If this equipment causes harm to the telephone network, your telephone company may discontinue your service temporarily.
  • Page 44: Doc (Industry Canada) Compliance Notices

    Repairs to telecommunication equipment should be made by a Canadian authorized maintenance facility. Any repairs or alterations not expressly approved by Fujitsu PC Corporation or any equipment failures may give the telecommunications company cause to request the user to disconnect the equipment from the telephone line.
  • Page 45: Avis Aux Utilisateurs Du Réseau Téléphonique Canadien

    Le département ne garantit pas le fonctionnement de l’équipement à la satisfaction de l’utilisateur. Le Stylistic 3500 possede un modem interne conforme aux normes de certification d’Industrie Canada pour protéger les réseaux de télécommunications et satisfaire aux normes de sécurité.
  • Page 46 Avertissement sécurité, les utilisateurs doivent vérifier que la Pour assurer la prise de terre du service d’électricité, les lignes téléphoniques et les conduites d’eau métalliques sont connectées ensemble. Les utilisateurs NE doivent PAS tenter d’établir ces connexions eux-mêmes, mais doivent contacter les services d’inspection d’installations électriques appropriés ou un électricien.
  • Page 47: Stylistic 3500 Hardware Specifications

    Appendix B Stylistic 3500 Hardware Specifications The following table provides general hardware specifications of the Stylistic 3500 by category. Dimensions Weight Chip set Processor Speed Main RAM L1 cache (CPU) L2 cache BIOS ROM Hard disk drive Stylistic 3500 Specifications Physical Specifications 11”...
  • Page 48: Input/Output Specifications

    Stylistic 3500 Specifications (Continued) Display VRAM PC Card Slots Integrated Interfaces Infrared Audio High-Usage Docking Contacts Appendix Input/Output Specifications • Indoor Color LCD Transmissive 10.4” TFT XGA (1024 x 768) 256K colors Brightness: 8 levels • Indoor/Outdoor Color LCD Transmissive 10.4”...
  • Page 49: Power Specifications

    Stylistic 3500 Specifications (Continued) User Controls Status Indicators (LEDs) Main Battery Sub-Battery Temperature Humidity • Hotpads: programmable, volume, display, brightness, right button, hovering • Power On/Suspend/Resume button • Emergency Shutoff Button (Power Off button) • Power • Charge/DC-In • Battery level •...
  • Page 50: Agency Approval Specifications

    Stylistic 3500 Specifications (Continued) Emissions Immunity Safety Telecom Operating systems Appendix Agency Approval Specifications • EN55022 (CISPR22) Class B • FCC 15, Class B • DOC Class B • EN61000-4-2:1995 • EN61000-4-3:1995 • EN61000-4-4:1995 • UL and cUL Listed, UL 1950 •...
  • Page 51: Digitizer Technology Notice

    Appendix C Digitizer Technology Notice Additional Display Information The display for your pen tablet incorporates a breakthrough digitizer technology that dramatically improves outdoor viewability. Compared to traditional outdoor displays, the new display excels in providing superior visibility in full sunlight, and a clear, bright picture indoors, in low light conditions, or at night.
  • Page 52 Digitizer Technology Notice...
  • Page 53 Index air flow vents, 4, 5 antenna cover kit, 2 audio volume too low, 33 auto adapter, 2 battery charger, external, 2 battery gauge, 23 battery gauge icon, 18 battery icon, 8, 13 battery latch, 5 battery pack, 2 charging, 23 charging times, 23 critically low level, 19 low-battery warning, 19...
  • Page 54 30 Stylistic 3500 accessories, 2 care and maintenance, 29 features, 3, 5 items included with, 1 storing, 30 Stylistic 3500 Specifications additional, 44 agency approval, 44 environmental, 43 input/output, 41, 45 interface, 42 memory/storage, 41, 45...
  • Page 55 physical, 41, 45 power, 43 processing, 41, 45 Stylistic stylus, 2 Stylus, 4 stylus not responding, 33 replacing, 22 tether, 2 tether attachment points, 4 using, 20 suspend mode, determining, 18 Suspend/Resume disabled, 19 suspending system operation, 18 Suspend-to-RAM, 15 mode, 18, 20 system interface port, 5, 12 system states, 15, 16...

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