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The Audio Function Does Not Work; Screen Color Is Abnormal - LG M5201C User Manual

52” widescreen lcd monitor with portrait or landscape option
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The audio function does not work.

G No sound?
G Sound is too dull.
G Sound is too low.
G Screen has poor color resolution
(16 colors).
G Screen color is unstable or mono-
G Do black spots appear on the screen?
G The power suddenly turned off.
• See if the audio cable is connected properly.
• Adjust the volume.
• See if the sound is set properly.
• Select the appropriate equalize sound.
• Adjust the volume.

Screen color is abnormal.

• Set the number of colors to more than 24 bits (true
• Check the connection status of the signal cable.
• Several pixels (red, green, white or black color)
The operation does not work normally.
• Is the sleep timer set?
• Check the power control settings.
Select Control Panel – Display – Settings – Color
Table menu in Windows.
Or, re-insert the PC video card.
may appear on the screen, which can be
attributable to the unique characteristics of the
LCD panel. It is not a malfunction of the LCD.
Power interrupted.
If the power is turned off after this message
appears, it means that the fan is out of order.
In this case, contact your local service center.


Table of Contents

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