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Setting Sensitivity; Waking The Camera; Camera Dial Settings; Choosing The User Mode - Epson PhotoPC 800 Product Information

Epson photopc 800: product information
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Produces color or black and white images at
1488 pixels (interpolated) with moderate
compression. Your pictures include excellent
detail, and the CompactFlash card holds
approximately 10 pictures. These images are best
for enlarging for 8

Setting Sensitivity

You must be in Program or Manual user mode to adjust the
sensitivity setting (see "Choosing the User Mode" below).
Press the
button on the back of the camera to cycle
through the three sensitivity settings:
The standard setting is equivalent to ISO 100. This
is the recommended setting for most photos.
The high sensitivity setting is equivalent to ISO 200.
The super high sensitivity setting is equivalent to
ISO 400.

Waking the Camera

If you're using batteries, the camera automatically shuts off
after a designated period of inactivity to conserve battery
power. To wake the camera, do one of the following:
If the camera dial is set to
button. Or, turn the camera dial to
former position.
If the camera dial is set to
on the back of the camera (the shutter button won't wake
up the camera). Or, turn the camera dial to Off, then back
to its former position.

Camera Dial Settings

Use for continuous or interval shooting. Lets you
capture a complex motion, such as a golf swing.
Lets you take pictures using the LCD screen. You can
preview your photos on the screen and use the LCD
menus to adjust photo settings, such as digital zoom,
sensitivity, white balance, and exposure.
Choose when taking photos with the viewfinder, which
uses less battery power than the LCD screens.
10-inch prints.
, press the shutter
, then back to its
, or
, press any button
Use this setting to play back your photos so that you can
delete them or add audio recordings to them.
Use to print directly from your camera to an EPSON
ink jet printer.
Use to set up or view information about your camera on
the LCD screen. You can change user mode, set the
camera clock, format the memory card, and make other
camera settings.

Choosing the User Mode

The EPSON PhotoPC 800 has three user modes to fit the
needs of beginner, intermediate, and expert photographers.
Each mode gives you a different amount of control over the
camera settings, whether you're using the LCD screen or the
viewfinder to take photos.
The camera chooses settings for you
Full Auto
automatically, so you can take photos without
having to make complex settings. This mode,
which is the default, is recommended for the
beginning photographer. You can still adjust
some basic settings if you want (for example,
image quality, digital zoom, and macro or
panoramic mode).
This setting is designed for the user who wants
more artistic control, but still prefers the camera
to eliminate some guesswork. Programmed
subject settings (Normal, Sports, Portrait, and
Landscape) tailor the camera's settings to the type
of picture being taken. You can also use the
menus to make your own adjustments to
sensitivity, white balance, and exposure.
This setting is for experienced photographers who
want the greatest degree of control over the
camera's wide array of settings and features. In
addition to changing sensitivity and white
balance, you can use spot metering, adjust the
shutter speed and aperture size, and set the focus
EPSON PhotoPC 800
EPSON PhotoPC 800
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Table of Contents

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