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EPSON PhotoPC 800
In quick shot mode, the number of photos taken
and temporarily saved in the camera is displayed
in brackets.
In Program or Manual mode, the exposure
value appears on the left and the shutter
speed appears on the right when you hold
the shutter button down halfway.
When you turn the camera's dial to
Set is displayed.
When you make a voice recording, rEc
appears in this space.
When you take photos using the interval
shooting feature, Int appears in the display

Using the Flash

The camera's built-in flash is effective within a range of 1.6 to
11.2 feet (0.5 to 3.4 m), or 6 inches to 1.6 feet (15 to 50 cm)
when using the macro feature. Press the flash button to cycle
through the four flash settings.
An icon for each setting appears on the status display panel, as
shown below:
The flash goes off automatically whenever it's needed
for adequate lighting (factory setting).
Forced Flash
The flash goes off with every picture you take. Use this
setting to compensate for backlighting; for example,
when you are facing a light source.
Flash Off
The flash is disabled, even when adequate lighting is
not available. Use this setting for special effects,
where flash photography is prohibited, or for macro
mode close-ups.
Slow synchronized flash
The camera's shutter speed slows to enhance the clarity
of background details. Use this setting when taking
pictures at night, or when taking pictures against an
illuminated background.
EPSON PhotoPC 800
8 -
Slow synchronized flash is available only in the Program or Manual
user modes. See page 9 for information about changing the user
After you take a flash picture, the icon blinks until the flash is
fully recharged. Your flash setting remains in effect even after
you turn off the camera.

Setting Image Quality

EPSON PhotoPC 800 has four image quality (resolution)
settings. Press the image quality button on top of the camera
to cycle from one setting to the other.
image quality
The image quality icons appear on the status display panel as
shown below and on the next page.
Produces color or black and white images at 640
pixels. The CompactFlash card holds approximately
120 pictures without audio recordings, but the image size
is smaller and includes less detail when enlarged. This
setting is good for pictures that are viewed on screen or on
the Web.
Produces color or black and white images at
1200 pixels, with moderate compression. Your
pictures include ample detail, and the CompactFlash
card holds approximately 24 pictures.
Super Fine
Produces color or black and white images at
1200 pixels with low compression. Your
pictures include greater detail, and the CompactFlash
card holds approximately 12 pictures. With less
compression, Super Fine images are better for enlarging.


Table of Contents

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