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Warranty; Maintenance; Storing The Camera; Cleaning The Camera And Battery Charger - Epson PhotoPC 800 Product Information

Epson photopc 800: product information
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EPSON PhotoPC 800
Selecting a Print Format
To go to the Direct Print main menu, do the following:
1. Turn the camera dial to
2. Press the top button (next to
The Direct Print main menu offers several formats in which
you can print your pictures, as described in the table below.
Print format
Print All
Prints all the pictures stored in the camera.
Lets you select the picture you want to print.
Prints small thumbnail images of all the pictures in your
camera on contact sheets.
Prints up to three larger images on one sheet of paper
with descriptive information next to it, if you want.
Prints 16 small or 4 larger copies of the selected picture
on sheets of EPSON Photo Stickers.
To select the print format you want, press the button next to
or below the format option. Each format leads to a different
submenu of settings.
After you select a print format, you see a submenu of settings:
Press the ISO button
(under Print) to display the
current print settings.
Press again to print.


Cleaning the Camera and Battery Charger

Unplug the battery charger before cleaning.
Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe the camera free of dust.
Use a damp cloth for cleaning the battery charger.
Keep the battery charger terminals clean by wiping them
with a dry cloth.
Don't use harsh or abrasive cleaners. Don't use liquid or
aerosol cleaners.
EPSON PhotoPC 800
14 -
Press the bottom
button to select the
photo you want to
Press the W.B. button (under the
down arrow) to go to the
Information and Filter menu.
To clean the lens, first blow off any loose dust or dirt. Then
breathe on the lens and wipe off all moisture with a soft,
lint-free cloth or lens cleaning tissue. To avoid scratching
the lens, don't press too hard.
If necessary, clean the battery contacts with a dry cloth.
If the LCD screen gets fingerprints or smudges on it, use a
soft, damp cloth to lightly wipe the screen.

Storing the Camera

When you're not using the camera, keep the lens cover
closed and store it in the soft case that came with it. Make
sure the camera dial is set to
When the camera is not used for long periods of time,
remove the batteries and store them at a low temperature in
a dry location. This prevents camera damage from battery
leaks or corrosion.
Do not store the camera in the following locations:
Where it will be exposed to direct sunlight, for example, on
a car dashboard, or near bright sources of light or high
Near heat sources or in a closed car or trunk
In areas of excessive dirt or dust
Where it will be exposed to strong vibrations or magnetic


Camera: 1 year
Batteries and charger: 90 days
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You can purchase manuals and accessories from EPSON
Accessories at
(800) 873-7766
for dealer referral. Or, visit our website at
(800) 873-7766 (U.S. sales only).
. In Canada, please call


Table of Contents

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