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Using The Camera Setup Menu; Taking Pictures With The Lcd Screen - Epson PhotoPC 800 Product Information

Epson photopc 800: product information
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EPSON PhotoPC 800
Follow these steps to choose the camera mode:
1. Push the camera dial lock in and turn the dial to
see the SETUP menu.
2. Press the
button to cycle through the three modes.

Using the Camera SETUP Menu

You can use the Camera SETUP menu to turn audio
recording on or off, set the automatic power off feature, adjust
the brightness of the LCD screen, set the alert beep, and create
a user-defined white balance.
To go to the Camera SETUP menu, turn the camera dial to
to go to the Setup menu (pictured above). Then press the
button (under
Camera SETUP
turn audio recording on and off

Taking Pictures With the LCD Screen

Once you've made any changes to the Setup and Camera
SETUP menus, you're ready to take pictures with the LCD
screen. Follow these steps:
1. Make sure you're at least 20 inches away from your subject.
(If you want to get closer, use macro mode.)
EPSON PhotoPC 800
10 -
. You
set user mode
power off
set LCD
create a
set alert beep
2. Open the lens cover, then turn the camera dial to
the View screen. Depending on your user mode (see page
page 9), you'll see a preview of your picture with the
following photo options:
View screen for Full Auto mode
View screen for Program mode
View screen for Manual mode
3. Make any changes you want to settings on the View screen
by pressing the button next to or below that setting.
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Table of Contents

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