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Epson PhotoPC 800 Product Information page 11

Epson photopc 800: product information
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4. If you're using the Full Auto user mode, you're ready to take
your picture. Go to step 5.
If you're using the Program or Manual user modes, press
button (under
next screen, and make any changes to those settings:
second screen for Program user mode
second screen for Manual user mode
5. Center your subject on the screen, then press the shutter
button halfway down to lock the auto focus. The camera
status light stops flashing and you see a green circle on the
screen when the lens locks in focus. While you hold the
shutter button down, you can reframe your picture if you
6. Press the shutter button the rest of the way down to take the
picture. Hold the camera still until it beeps, then release the
shutter button.
You may notice a brief delay between the time you press the
shutter button and when the camera beeps. To avoid blurring
your images, make sure you hold the camera still until it beeps.
After a few seconds you see a confirmation screen. You can
press the button next to
want the picture.
Using the Camera for Presentations
You can connect your camera to a multimedia projector or
television and show not just photos, but also text and graphics.
The EPSON Photo File Uploader3 lets you transfer images
from your computer to your camera's memory card. Anything
you can display on your computer screen can be captured,
) to go to the
if you decide you don't
converted, and uploaded. You can create and show a
presentation without printing overhead transparencies or
slides, and without a laptop computer.
Projecting the Presentation
You can display the uploaded images on a multimedia
projector, television, or other video output device. Use the
video cable that came with your EPSON PhotoPC 800.
Using the optional AC adapter is highly recommended when you
project your presentation. See page 14 for instructions and ordering
Follow these steps:
1. Make sure your camera and TV or video projector are
turned off.
2. Open the camera's connector cover and connect the black
end of the video cable to the
3. Connect the yellow end of the video cable to the
port on the TV or projector, as shown below.
4. Turn on the TV or video projector and switch it to video
5. Turn the camera dial to
The last image that you uploaded into the camera is projected.
If you are using the optional AC adapter, you can also see the
image on the LCD screen.
EPSON PhotoPC 800
port, as shown
Video Out
EPSON PhotoPC 800
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Table of Contents

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