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Battery Options; Using The Compactflash Memory Card; Installing Your Memory Card - Epson PhotoPC 800 Product Information

Epson photopc 800: product information
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EPSON PhotoPC 800

Battery Options

If you forget to charge your rechargeable NiMH batteries or if
they need to be replaced, the EPSON PhotoPC 800 camera
can also accept the following:
Rechargeable AA NiCad batteries
Single-use AA lithium batteries (longer life, Energizer
To avoid the danger of fire or explosion, do not mix different types of
batteries. Do not allow the battery contacts to touch metal objects
such as coins or keys, which could short out the battery's circuits.
Read all safety and handling instructions before using batteries.
Note the following when handling batteries:
Use only the EPSON battery charger (Model EU-38) to
charge the batteries that came with your camera.
Use the batteries that came with your camera only in
EPSON digital cameras.
Do not use manganese batteries.
Do not mix different types of batteries; this can cause fire or
Replace both batteries at the same time. Do not mix old and
new batteries.
Batteries that have not been used for a long time do not
charge well. However, with regular use, the batteries will
return to normal.
Batteries discharge at least 2% per day, whether they are
used or not.
If the batteries are charged in a hot environment, or if they
are charged repeatedly without being discharged, they will
wear out more quickly.
Do not drop, puncture, disassemble, or mutilate batteries.
Do not get them wet or expose them to fire.
When the camera is not used for long periods of time,
remove the batteries and store them at a low temperature in
a dry location. Store away from the reach of children.
To avoid fire or electric shock, do not use batteries that are
leaking or damaged in any way.
If battery acid gets in your eyes or on your skin,
immediately rinse the area with water and seek medical
treatment. If a battery is swallowed, seek medical treatment
Dispose of used batteries according to the manufacturer's
instructions and in compliance with all applicable laws.
Contact your local government agency for information
about battery recycling and disposal.
EPSON PhotoPC 800
6 -
Battery life varies depending on the battery type, the
manufacturer, and other factors.
Checking the Battery
When your battery power is almost out, the low
battery icon appears on the status display panel. The
icon flashes when your battery power is completely out.
You need to recharge or replace the batteries or use the
optional universal AC adapter when you see the low battery
icon. Although you may be able to use the camera with low
batteries, it needs full battery power to operate reliably.
Several factors can affect battery life, including the
surrounding temperature and the type of batteries you use.
Low temperatures—especially below 50 °F (10 °C)—drain
batteries faster. See page 6 for battery use instructions.

Using the CompactFlash Memory Card

Your camera comes with an 8MB CompactFlash memory card
that you need to install before you take any photos. Since
there is no internal camera memory for storage, this card will
store your photographs until you transfer them to your
You can purchase additional memory cards (4MB to 96MB)
from leading suppliers like Lexar Media

Installing Your Memory Card

Make sure the camera dial is turned to
is closed before you install the card.
1. Turn the camera upside down and open the memory card
cover by sliding the memory card cover lock in the direction
of the arrow, as shown below.
and SanDisk.
and the lens cover
memory card
cover lock


Table of Contents

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