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Playing Back Pictures On Tv; Getting Pictures Into Your Computer; Connecting To A Windows Pc - Epson PhotoPC 800 Product Information

Epson photopc 800: product information
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EPSON PhotoPC 800
You can use the camera's slide show feature to play your
images automatically, or play them one at time using the
navigation buttons. You can use all of the camera's other
playback features to show your presentation.

Playing Back Pictures on TV

You can display your pictures on a regular television or VCR
by using the video cable that came with your PhotoPC 800.
You can videotape your pictures to share them without using a
computer. After you connect the camera to your VCR, press the
Record button on the VCR and use the camera's slide show feature.
Follow these steps:
1. Make sure the camera and TV (and VCR) are turned off.
2. Open the camera's connector cover and connect the black
end of the video cable to the
3. Connect the yellow end of the cable to the
on the television or VCR.
4. Turn on the TV (and VCR) and switch to the correct video

Getting Pictures into Your Computer

When you're finished taking pictures, you can connect the
camera to your computer and transfer the images. If you have
the optional universal AC adapter, you can extend battery life
by using it when you connect the camera to your computer.

Connecting to a Windows PC

You can connect the camera to your PC with either the
Windows serial cable or the USB cable that came with the
camera. You must have a USB-enabled Windows 98 system to
use the USB cable.
EPSON PhotoPC 800
12 -
port, as shown:
Video Out
Using the USB Cable
Follow these steps to connect your camera using the USB
1. Plug the cable connector on the USB cable into the USB
port on your computer, or into a port on a USB hub.
Although you can use a USB hub, it's recommended that you
connect the camera directly to the computer's USB port.
2. Open the connector cover on the side of the camera. Then
insert the connector on the other end of the USB cable into
the camera's interface port.
3. Turn on the camera by turning the camera dial to
necessary, turn on your computer system.
Using the Windows Serial Cable
Locate the Windows serial cable that came with the camera,
then turn off the camera and your computer.
Follow these steps to connect the camera to your computer:
1. Locate a serial port on the back of your computer. You may
have two serial ports labeled COM1 and COM2, or the
ports may be labeled with icons. If you have two serial ports
available, use COM1 (port 1) to connect your camera.
If you have a 25-pin serial port, you can use a 9- to 25-pin adapter.
. If


Table of Contents

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