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Minimum System Requirements; Using Batteries; Windows Systems; Charging Batteries - Epson PhotoPC 800 Product Information

Epson photopc 800: product information
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EPSON PhotoPC 800

Minimum System Requirements

To transfer images to your computer and edit them, make sure
your system meets these minimum requirements:

Windows Systems

IBM -compatible PC with 486 or higher processor
Microsoft Windows 98, Windows 95, or
Windows NT 4.0 (Service Pack 3 or later recommended)
Serial port with standard RS-232C interface (19200 bps or
higher) if using serial connection
Windows 98 PC with built-in USB port, if using USB
At least 32MB RAM
Double-speed CD-ROM drive
At least 40MB free hard disk space
VGA or SVGA monitor with at least 256-color display
Mouse or other pointing device
16-bit sound card and speakers (for voice annotation feature

Macintosh Systems

One of the following systems:
Macintosh PowerPC
Power Macintosh
G3 with System Software Version 8.51
or later
with System Software Version 8.1 and iMac
Update 1.0
At least 32MB RAM
At least 30MB free hard disk space
CD-ROM drive
VGA monitor with minimum resolution of 640
Macintosh modem/printer serial port (19200 bps or higher)
or built-in USB port on an iMac or new Power Mac G3
16-bit sound card and speakers (for voice annotation feature
EPSON PhotoPC 800
4 -
with System Software Version 7.5 or

Using Batteries

Your EPSON PhotoPC 800 comes with a charger (Model
EU-38) and four rechargeable NiMH batteries (Model EU-
24) that can be recharged hundreds of times. While you use
two batteries in your camera, you can keep a replacement set
of batteries charged and ready to take along.
New batteries need to be fully charged three times before you use
them. This process takes approximately five or six hours—but you
only need to do it once. When you need to recharge your batteries in
the future, it takes approximately two and a half hours for a full

Charging Batteries

It's important to fully charge your batteries, so they will last as
long as possible before they need recharging.
Shock hazard. Make sure you use the charger only with EPSON
rechargeable NiMH batteries (model EU-24). To avoid the danger of
leakage or explosion, do not place any other batteries in the charger.
Read all safety and handling instructions on page page 6 before using
the charger.
Follow these steps to charge your batteries for the first time:
1. Insert two or four batteries, positioning the + and – ends as
2. Connect the battery charger to the battery charger power
cord, as shown below.


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