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Epson PhotoPC 800 Product Information

Epson photopc 800: product information
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shutter button
camera dial
lens cover switch
front view
card cover
image quality button
flash button
self timer button
top view
timer light
video out
AC adapter
cover lock
card cover
bottom view
shutter button
camera dial
dial lock
camera status light
display panel
and photo
capture light
MENU button

Camera Specifications

Physical Dimensions

4.4 in (111.4 mm)
2.7 in (68 mm)
1.6 in (40.2 mm)
8.3 oz (235 g)
without batteries and strap
Includes 4 AA rechargeable NiMH
batteries and charger (Model EU-38). Also
accepts 2 AA batteries (single-use lithium
or rechargeable NiCad)
Optional universal AC adapter (B867062)
Battery Life
Approximately 850 pictures using the
Approximately 100 pictures using the
LCD menus
Approximately 45 minutes in playback
EPSON PhotoPC 800
camera dial
dial lock
back view
EPSON PhotoPC 800
hand strap
+ button
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  Summary of Contents for Epson PhotoPC 800

  • Page 1: Camera Specifications

    Depth card cover lock Weight Power Sources camera dial Battery Life dial lock 6/99 EPSON PhotoPC 800 display panel camera camera dial dial lock W.B. button button back view 4.4 in (111.4 mm) 2.7 in (68 mm) 1.6 in (40.2 mm) 8.3 oz (235 g)
  • Page 2 Up to 12 Mbps communication speed Video out NTSC standard Internal memory 2MB flash program memory Expansion memory 8MB EPSON CompactFlash storage card Also accepts optional 4MB to 96MB storage cards (available from Lexar Media and SanDisk) Self-timer 10 seconds...
  • Page 3: Memory Card Picture Capacity

    Physical Dimensions Width Height Depth Box Contents PhotoPC 800 camera, handstrap, and soft case (there is no separate lens cover) Quick Reference and User’s Guide 4 AA NiMH rechargeable batteries and battery charger Serial cable for PC Serial cable for Macintosh...
  • Page 4: Minimum System Requirements

    WARNING Shock hazard. Make sure you use the charger only with EPSON rechargeable NiMH batteries (model EU-24). To avoid the danger of leakage or explosion, do not place any other batteries in the charger.
  • Page 5: Installing Batteries

    When the battery power is almost out, a low battery icon appears on the camera’s status display panel. Be sure to replace both batteries at the same time. 6/99 EPSON PhotoPC 800 battery cover lock button EPSON PhotoPC 800...
  • Page 6: Battery Options

    EPSON PhotoPC 800 Battery Options If you forget to charge your rechargeable NiMH batteries or if they need to be replaced, the EPSON PhotoPC 800 camera can also accept the following: Rechargeable AA NiCad batteries Single-use AA lithium batteries (longer life, Energizer...
  • Page 7: Using The Display Panel

    Before you can take any more pictures, you need to delete some of the images on the memory card. If you are using a higher resolution, you may see one of the following in this corner of the display panel: 6/99 EPSON PhotoPC 800 image quality flash timer monochrome...
  • Page 8: Setting Image Quality

    Your flash setting remains in effect even after you turn off the camera. Setting Image Quality EPSON PhotoPC 800 has four image quality (resolution) settings. Press the image quality button on top of the camera to cycle from one setting to the other.
  • Page 9: Setting Sensitivity

    LCD screens. Choosing the User Mode The EPSON PhotoPC 800 has three user modes to fit the needs of beginner, intermediate, and expert photographers. Each mode gives you a different amount of control over the camera settings, whether you’re using the LCD screen or the...
  • Page 10: Using The Camera Setup Menu

    EPSON PhotoPC 800 Follow these steps to choose the camera mode: 1. Push the camera dial lock in and turn the dial to see the SETUP menu. 2. Press the button to cycle through the three modes. Using the Camera SETUP Menu...
  • Page 11 Projecting the Presentation You can display the uploaded images on a multimedia projector, television, or other video output device. Use the video cable that came with your EPSON PhotoPC 800. Note Using the optional AC adapter is highly recommended when you project your presentation.
  • Page 12: Playing Back Pictures On Tv

    Playing Back Pictures on TV You can display your pictures on a regular television or VCR by using the video cable that came with your PhotoPC 800. You can videotape your pictures to share them without using a computer. After you connect the camera to your VCR, press the Record button on the VCR and use the camera’s slide show feature.
  • Page 13: Connecting To A Macintosh

    , then Printing Directly from the Camera Your PhotoPC 800 camera lets you print your pictures directly to any of several EPSON Stylus ink jet printers, without using a computer. You can choose from a number of layout options, select the type and size of paper you want to use, and print using optional filters and print modes.
  • Page 14: Warranty

    EPSON PhotoPC 800 Universal AC Adapter NiMH Battery Pak (4 batteries) Universal NiMH Power Pak (charger and 4 batteries) EPSON Image Authentication System (IAS) You can purchase manuals and accessories from EPSON Accessories at (800) 873-7766 (U.S. sales only).