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Parameter Setting - Bosch Rexroth VT-MSPA -2X Series Operating Instructions Manual

Valve amplifier for proportional valves without electrical position feedback


Table of Contents
Selecting parameters
Setting parameter value
Exiting editable parameter
Setting other parameters
Completing parameter
Bosch Rexroth AG, Valve amplifier VT-MSPA, RE 30232-B/08.2020
The menu structure and operation of the "Expert Mode" corresponds to that of
the "Standard Mode". The parameters in the "Expert Mode" can be found in
chapter 8.6.2 „Explanation of menu level "Expert Mode"".

8.6 Parameter setting

During parameter setting the unit remains in operation.
It continues to monitor with the existing parameters until the parameter setting is
The following has to be taken into account for parameterizing:
First, select the correct valve by means of the rotary coding switch. As soon as
the position of the rotary coding switch is changed, test jack "v" outputs the valve
number in the form of the corresponding voltage in Volt [0.1 V/valve number].
Valve no. 13, for example, has a voltage of 1.3 V.
As soon as a valve was correctly accepted (by pressing Set > 1 s), the internal
command value is again signaled at test jack "v".
To have the valve number shown again at test jack "v" for 5 s, press "-" once.
Press[Set] > 1 s in order to switch to the first settable parameter (simple ramp,
see Fig. 5).
Press [Set] to edit the selected parameter.
Press [+] or [-] to change the set value.
Set values can be checked with the help of a multimeter. Every set value stands
for a voltage output or a percentage value at the connected multimeter. The
assignments are listed in the tables in chapters 8.6.1 and 8.6.2 (output at test
If, while a parameter is set, no key is pressed for
returns to normal operation without saving the newly set value.
Press [Set] to exit the editable parameter. This saves the set parameters.
Press [+] or [-] until the relevant parameter is displayed.
To switch to the "Expert Mode" you have to be in the "Standard Mode": Press
[-] and [Set] simultaneously. In the "Expert Mode", the general parameter setting
procedure corresponds to the menu level "Standard Mode".
To exit the "Expert Mode", press [Set] (> 1 s).
The device is again in the working mode.
Press [Set] (> 1 s).
The device is again in the working mode.
minutes, the amplifier


Table of Contents

Table of Contents