CyberHome CH-DVD 300 Operation Manual

Mini dvd player with progressive scan.
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Operation Guide
CH-DVD 300


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  • Page 1

    Mini Player with Progressive Scan Theater Operation Guide CH-DVD 300...

  • Page 2

    CAUTION RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPEN DO NOT OPEN CAUTION: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT REMOVE THE COVER (OR BACK). NO USER-SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE. REFER TO QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL FOR SERVICING. Explanation of warning symbols The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol, within an equilateral triangle, is intended to alert the user to the presence...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    INTRODUCTION Features ....... . . 4 Optical disc compatibility ....4 Caring for optical discs .

  • Page 4: Features, Optical Disc Compatibility, Caring For Optical Discs

    The CH-DVD 300 is a Progressive Scan DVD Player with digital surround sound output. It can play your favorite MP3 files or view JPG files from your digital camera. It’s got everything you need to make it your centerpiece for an exciting home theater system.

  • Page 5: Make Sure The Package Contents Are Complete

    Make sure the package contents are complete In addition to the DVD player, your package should contain the following accessories. Check the contents of the package carefully, as some items may be located under the packing foam. Remote control * In some models, the battery is pre - installed in the remote control, see page 6 in this manual for further instructions. GETTING STARTED Remote Control Battery * A/V cable (Composite...

  • Page 6: To Use The Remote Control, Operating The Remote Control

    When using the remote control, be sure to stay within a 30 degree angle of the sensor on the receiver. Keep in mind that any obstructions between the remote control and the receiver will affect performance. CH-DVD 300 Battery Holder Release Clip Handle...

  • Page 7: Remote Control Functions

    REMOTE CONTROL FUNCTIONS POWER DISPLAY SETUP OPEN/CLOSE MENU GOTO TITLE SUBTITLE AUDIO ANGLE ENTER BOOKMARK ZOOM RETURN POWER Turns the unit ON or to STANDBY. DISPLAY Brings up the on-screen display showing information for the playback session. TITLE Accesses Menus on DVD Discs. With VCD discs, turns the PBC function On/Off.

  • Page 8: Front Panel Functions

    FRONT PANEL FUNCTIONS CH-DVD 300 DISC TRAY Loads DVD, CD-ROM, VCD, MP3, JPG and other optical discs. STANDBY / POWER LED The LED will be red when the unit is in STANDBY mode. The LED will be glow green when the unit is ON.

  • Page 9: Back Panel Connections

    BACK PANEL CONNECTIONS POWER CORD The power cord for the DVD player. COAXIAL DIGITAL AUDIO OUTPUT Use a special coaxial digital audio connector to send the raw coded digital signal to devices supporting digital decoding. STEREO AUDIO OUTPUT Stereo outputs for devices with matching stereo inputs. VIDEO OUTPUT Composite video output for TVs with matching input.

  • Page 10: Composite Video / Stereo Audio, Connecting Video Output To Tv

    “Video 1” or “Video Input” with the remote control. On some TVs, this is done by selecting a particular channel. You should now see the DVD players' splash screen on the TV. Composite Video / Stereo Audio Cable...

  • Page 11: S-video Connections

    Exit SETUP and connect the Component Video cables. Select the correct video input on your TV. Pb/Cb Pr/Cr Component Video Input Jacks CONNECTIONS You should now see the DVD players' splash screen on the TV. S-Video Input Jack VIDEO Pb/Cb Pr/Cr...

  • Page 12: Audio Output Connections

    Audio Output Connections DVD player features a variety of audio line outputs for connection to another receiver. Use the included A/V cable to connect the stereo audio outputs for connection to a TV or recording equipment. Optical and Coaxial digital audio outputs send an encoded digital bitstream, suitable for receivers with Dolby decoding capability.

  • Page 13: Powering On The Unit, Inserting A Disc

    ON, or in STANDBY MODE. Press STANDBY on the remote control or front panel to bring the system out of standby mode. The system is now ready to use. CH-DVD 300 POWER SETUP OPEN/CLOSE DISPLAY...

  • Page 14: Basic Disc Playback

    ENTER RETURN BOOKMARK ZOOM DVD PLAYER OPERATION Basic disc playback Starting, pausing and stopping disc play CH-DVD 300 PLAY MOVIE SPECIAL FEATURES SCENE SELECTION AUDIO SETUP RETURN PLAY - To begin playback of a disc, press PLAY. STOP - To stop playback of a disc, press STOP. The first...

  • Page 15: Slow Motion Playback

    Skipping to the next or previous chapter / track You can advance or skip back through the chapters or tracks on DVD discs, Audio CDs and other discs with the NEXT and PREVIOUS buttons on the remote control or front panel. CH-DVD 300 PLAY STOP ENTER...

  • Page 16: Zoom Function

    Repeating a disc, chapter, title or track To repeat a segment of a disc, use the REPEAT 1/ALL key. On DVDs, you can repeat a title or chapter. On VCDs, track and disc repeat is supported, but PBC must be disabled first (Press the PBC key).

  • Page 17: Multi-angle Function, Changing The Audio Track, Displaying Playback Information

    Multi-angle function Some DVD discs are recorded with multiple viewing angles for certain scenes. When you are viewing a disc that supports this feature, you can choose among the available angles on the disc with the ANGLE key. POWER SETUP OPEN/CLOSE DISPLAY MENU...

  • Page 18: Saving Bookmarks

    Using the goto function Use the GOTO function to jump to a chapter / track or specified time on a disc. POWER DISPLAY SETUP OPEN/CLOSE MENU GOTO PROGRAM TITLE SUBTITLE AUDIO MUTE ANGLE During playback of a DVD, press the GOTO key once. A menu item will appear on-screen for you to enter the time ( hours, minutes and seconds ) on the disc you wish to begin playback.

  • Page 19: Create A Custom Playlist

    Create a custom playlist Create a custom playlist You can program playback of chapters or tracks on your disc You can program playback of chapters or tracks on your disc in the order you specify using the PROGRAM key. in the order you specify using the PROGRAM key. POWER DISPLAY SETUP...

  • Page 20: Using The Zoom Feature

    The MP3 / JPG navigator The DVD player will launch the On-Screen Navigator when a disc containing MP3 or JPG files is inserted. The Navigator provides an easy way to select which files you want to play and how you wish to play them back. Disc: Jazz Rock and Roll...

  • Page 21: Jpg Slide Show Features

    Rotating and flipping JPG images While a JPG is displayed, you can rotate the image or flip it horizontally or vertically. PLAY STOP ENTER PAUSE RETURN ZOOM BOOKMARK SLOW Press the LEFT ARROW to rotate the image counter-clockwise. To rotate an image in the clockwise direction, press the RIGHT ARROW key.

  • Page 22: Using The Setup Menu, Video Setup

    THE DVD PLAYER SETUP MENU Using the setup menu The DVD player’s SETUP MENU is where you can configure various settings related to the DVD functionality of this unit, such as what type of TV you’re using, which languages you prefer, parental control options and many more.

  • Page 23: Dvd Setup, Audio Setup

    SCAN MODE Default setting: INTERLACED When using YUV ouputs, you can change this setting. DO NOT USE this setting if your TV does not support Progressive Scan. Use the UP / DOWN ARROW and ENTER keys to select PROGRESSIVE. BRIGHTNESS Here is where you can set the BRIGHTNESS level.

  • Page 24: System Setup

    The system setup menu SYSTEM OSD LANGUAGE ENGLISH SCREEN SAVER AUTO STANDBY LOAD SETUP DEF S/W VERSION XX.XX.X.XX OSD LANGUAGE Default setting: ENGLISH Sets the On - Screen - Display language for the Setup Menu. SCREEN SAVER Default setting: OFF The screen saver will automatically start when set to ON after a few minutes of inactivity.

  • Page 25: Troubleshooting

    DVD PLAYER DOES NOT POWER ON The AC power cord may be loose or not plugged in. Ensure the power cord is secure in the AC socket. The unit may be in Stand By mode. Turn the power on with the remote control’s POWER key, or turn the unit off, wait a few seconds, then turn the unit on with the front power switch.

  • Page 26: Dvd Player

    DVD PLAYER Playable Discs ........DVD, Audio CD, VCD, CD-R, CD-RW TV Systems Supported.

  • Page 27

    a-b repeat ........16 angles (multi-angle playback) ....17 audio button .

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    I cannot get sound from the DVD player. What could be wrong?
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    Our DVD player is in a condo we own but rent. I think someone has entered a parental control number. How do I enter the 3351 factory setting to get it to work. The system displays an O with a / in it. Please reply to jcollier2@​
  • John Collier Dec 31, 2015 07:37:
    Our DVD player is in a condo we own but rent. I think someone has entered a parental control number. How do I enter the 3351 factory setting to get it to work. The system displays an O with a / in it.
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    Tray will not open. Where can I locate repair technician​s?
    Model No. CH-DVD-320​.

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