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Configure The Radiopro Ip Gateway - Kenwood NEXEDGE NX-57 Series Installation Manual


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RadioPro IP Gateway

3.3 Configure the RadioPro IP Gateway

Note: Before continuing, ensure that Wi-Fi connection has been disabled in the PC or Laptop being used to
configure the IP Gateway.
The RadioPro ICU (IP Configuration Utility) must be used to configure each RadioPro IP Gateway with the necessary
parameters. Configuration of each RadioPro IP Gateway must be performed before connecting the IP Gateway to a
local area network.
Configure RadioPro IP Gateway settings:
Please Refer to the
Gateway and for settings that apply to all radio systems.
Configure NEXEDGE specific settings: (Once connected to the IP Gateway with the ICU Utility)
NEXEDGE Radio tab
Enter the appropriate radio ID values for the fields
on this tab.
The Receive PTT ID timeout (ms) field is used
to give the transmitting radio time to transmit its
PTT ID before the default PTT ID is used.
GPS tab
If mapping locations of subscribers is required,
place a check mark next to Start GPS polling
when online status received. Leave this
unchecked if GPS mapping is not needed, or if
subscriber radios have been programmed to start
GPS polling on their own.
Then choose a Report interval time to set the
minimum time between successive GPS updates.
Increasing this parameter will decrease the number
of GPS updates, thereby allowing more channel
bandwidth for voice conversations.
Refer to the
RadioPro IP Gateway Installation Guide
Gateway to an IP Network, configure Port Forwarding, and installing RadioPro Clients.
Installation and Configuration Guide NEXEDGE NX-57xx/58xx
RadioPro IP Gateway Installation Guide
for information about how to connect to the IP
for instructions on how to connect the RadioPro IP


Table of Contents

Table of Contents