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Panasonic AXG7100J7 Quick Start Manual page 6

Narrow pitch connectors with power terminal


Notes on Using Narrow pitch Connectors/Stacking Connectors for High Current
For board-to-board/board-to-FPC
Notes on Using Narrow pitch Connectors/
Stacking Connectors for High Current
About safety remarks
Observe the following safety precautions
to prevent accidents and injuries.
1) Do not use these connectors beyond
the specified ranges. The use of the
product outside of the specified rated
current and breakdown voltage ranges
may cause abnormal heating, smoke,
and fire.
2) In order to avoid accidents, make sure
you have thoroughly reviewed the
specifications and the operation manual
before use. Please consult us if you plan
to use the product in a way not covered
Regarding the design of devices and PC board patterns
1) When using the board to board
connectors, do not connect a pair of
board with multiple connectors.
Otherwise, misaligned connector
positions may cause mating failure or
product breakage.
2) With mounting equipment, there may
be up to a ±0.2 to 0.3-mm error in
positioning. Be sure to design PC boards
and patterns while taking into
consideration the performance and
abilities of the required equipment.
3) Some connectors have tabs embossed
on the body to aid in positioning. When
using these connectors, make sure that
the PC board is designed with positioning
holes to match these tabs.
4) To ensure the required mechanical
strength when soldering the connector
terminals, make sure the PC board
meets recommended PC board pattern
design dimensions given.
5) PC board
Control the thicknesses of the coverlay
and adhesive to prevent poor soldering.
This connector has no stand-off.
Therefore, minimize the thickness of the
Regarding the selection of the connector placement machine and the mounting
1) Select the placement machine taking
into consideration the connector height,
required positioning accuracy, and
packaging conditions.
2) Be aware that if the catching force of
the placement machine is too great, it
may deform the shape of the connector
body or connector terminals.
by the specifications. Otherwise, the
quality cannot be guaranteed.
3) We are consistently striving to improve
quality and reliability. However, the fact
remains that electrical components and
devices generally cause failures at a
given statistical probability. Furthermore,
their durability varies with use
environments or use conditions. In this
respect, we ask you to check for actual
electrical components and devices under
actual conditions before use without fail.
Continuously using them in a state of
coverlay, etc. so as to prevent the
occurrence of poor soldering.
6) For all connectors of the narrow pitch
series, to prevent the PC board from
coming off during vibrations or impacts,
and to prevent loads from falling directly
on the soldered portions, be sure to
design some means to fix the PC board
in place.
Example) Secure in place with screws
When connecting PC boards, take
appropriate measures to prevent the
connector from coming off.
7) Notes when using a FPC.
• Due to its flexibility, a FPC board may
make the connector terminal soldering
connection weak.
In order to strengthen the connection and
prevent the peeling off of terminal
soldering, a stiffener is strongly
recommended to be attached to the
3) Be aware that during mounting,
external forces may be applied to the
connector contact surfaces and terminals
and cause deformations.
4) Depending on the size of the
connector being used, self alignment
may not be possible. In such cases, be
sure to carefully position the terminal with
the PC board pattern.
degraded performance may cause
deterioration in insulation performance,
thus resulting in abnormal heat
generation, smoke generation, or firing.
We ask you to carry out safety design
including redundancy design, design for
fire spread prevention, and design for
malfunction prevention as well as
periodic maintenance so that no
accidents resulting in injury or death, fire
accidents, or social damage will be
caused as a result of our product failure
or service life.
backside of the connector area.
The size of stiffener should be bigger
than the recommended PC board pattern
area shown in the drawing. (Outward
dimension + approximate 0.5 to 1.0 mm)
Recommended material of reinforcement
is Glass-Fiber board, Polyimide board
(0.2 to 0.3 mm thickness) or SUS (0.1 to
0.2 mm thickness) which have 0.2 to 0.3
mm thickness.
• Connector would be taken off due to
size, weight or bending force of FPC at
dropping condition.
PC board
Please check the connector not to be
taken off at real equipment.
In order to secure connector's connection
even when a shock applied, please take
measures against taking off of the
8) The narrow pitch connector series is
designed to be compact and thin.
Although ease of handling has been
taken into account, take care when
mating the connectors, as displacement
or angled mating could damage or
deform the connector.
5) The positioning bosses give an
approximate alignment for positioning on
the PC board. For accurate positioning of
the connector when mounting it to the PC
board, we recommend using an
automatic positioning machine.
6) Excessive mounter chucking force may
deform the molded or metal part of the
connector. Consult us in advance if
chucking is to be applied.
ACCTB48E 201503-T