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Panasonic AXG7100J7 Quick Start Manual page 8

Narrow pitch connectors with power terminal


Notes on Using Narrow pitch Connectors/Stacking Connectors for High Current
Precautions for mating
This product is designed with ease of
handling. However, in order to prevent the
deformation or damage of contacts and
molding, take care and do not mate the
connectors as shown right.
Cleaning flux from PC board
There is no need to clean this product.
If cleaning it, pay attention to the
following points to prevent the negative
effect to the product.
1) Keep the cleaning solvent clean and
prevent the connector contacts from
Handling the PC board
■ Handling the PC board after
mounting the connector
When cutting or bending the PC board
after mounting the connector, be careful
that the soldered sections are subjected
to excessive force.
The soldered areas should not be subjected to force.
Storage of connectors
1) To prevent problems from voids or air
pockets due to heat of reflow soldering,
avoid storing the connectors in areas of
high humidity.
2) Depending on the connector type, the
color of the connector may vary from
connector to connector depending on
when it is produced.
Other Notes
1) Do not remove or insert the electrified
connector (in the state of carrying current
or applying voltage).
2) Dropping of the products or rough
mishandling may bend or damage the
terminals and possibly hinder proper
reflow soldering.
3) Before soldering, try not to insert or
remove the connector more than
absolutely necessary.
Press-fitting while the mating
inlets of the socket and
header are not matched.
Strongly pressed and twisted
Tilted mating
2) Some cleaning solvents are strong and
they may dissolve the molded part and
characters, so pure water passed liquid
solvent is recommended.
Some connectors may change color
slightly if subjected to ultraviolet rays
during storage. This is normal and will not
affect the operation of the connector.
3) When storing the connectors with the
PC boards assembled and components
alreeady set, be careful not to stack them
up so the connectors are subjected to
4) When coating the PC board after
soldering the connector to prevent the
deterioration of insulation, perform the
coating in such a way so that the coating
does not get on the connector.
5) There may be variations in the colors
of products from different production lots.
This is normal.
6) The connectors are not meant to be
used for switching.
excessive forces.
4) Avoid storing the connectors in
locations with excessive dust. The dust
may accumulate and cause improper
connections at the contact surfaces.
7) Product failures due to condensation
are not covered by warranty.
ACCTB48E 201503-T