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Installing the Driver & Software
Press a or b to choose TKIP or AES for
Encryption Type and press OK.
Enter the WPA/WPA2-PSK password you
wrote down in step 1 using the dial pad to
choose each letter or number. You can use the
keys to move the cursor left and
right. For example, to enter the letter a, press
the 2 key on the dial pad once. To enter the
number 3, press the 3 key on the dial pad
seven times.
The letters appear in this order: lower case,
upper case, numbers and then special letters.
(For more information, see Entering Text on
pages 52.)
Press OK when you have entered all the
characters, then press 1 Yes to apply your
settings. Go to step 12.
Your machine will now try to connect to your
wireless network using the information you
have entered. If successful, Connected will
appear briefly on the LCD.
If your machine does not successfully connect
to your network, you should repeat steps 4 to
11 to make sure you have entered the correct
If your access point does not have DHCP
enabled you will need to manually configure
the IP address, subnet mask and gateway of
the machine to suit your network. See the
Network User's Guide for details.
Wireless setup is now complete. A four
level indicator on the bottom of your
machine's LCD will show the wireless
signal strength of your access point or
router. To install the MFL-Pro Software
suite, continue to step 13.
Turn on your computer.
(For Windows
2000 Professional/XP/
XP Professional x64 Edition, you must be
logged on with Administrator rights.)
Close any applications running before installing
the MFL-Pro Suite.
Before installation, if you are using personal
firewall software, disable it. Once you are sure that
you can print after the installation, restart your
personal firewall software.
Put the supplied CD-ROM into your CD-ROM
drive. If the model name screen appears,
choose your machine. If the language screen
appears, choose your language.
The CD-ROM main menu will appear. Click
Install MFL-Pro Suite.
• If this window does not appear, use Windows
Explorer to run the setup.exe program from the
root folder of the Brother CD-ROM.
• If you see the following screen, click OK to install
the Windows
updates. After the updates are
installed your PC may restart. Then the installation
will automatically continue.
If the installation does not continue automatically,
open the main menu again by ejecting then
reinserting the CD-ROM disc or double-click the
setup.exe program from the root folder, and
continue from step 15 to install MFL-Pro Suite.
Choose Wireless Network Connection, and
then click Next.


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