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Low Level Inputs; Adjusting The S90 - Final Sound S90 User Manual

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Final Sound S90 Subwoofer User Manual

5.2. Low Level Inputs

Make sure your entire system is powered off.
For stereo connection, use a pair of RCA cables. For mono/LFE/SUB-OUT use a single
RCA cable.
Connect one end of the RCA cables to the proper output of your
Connect the other end of the RCA cables to the line level inputs of the subwoofer.
Ensure that the RCA cables are fully seated in all connectors before turning on any


Set the S90 in the desired location.
Connect the S90 to the stereo or home theatre system (see the instructions in section 5).
Set the volume control to a minimum, the crossover frequency to the 12 o'clock position
and the phase to 0 degrees.
Turn on your audiosystem and play music you are familiar with.
Turn up the subwoofer volume to a level that matches the main speakers.
Switch the phase control to a maximum bass output.
Re-adjust the volume control.
Turn up the crossover frequency until the location of the bass becomes obvious, or the
bass from the subwoofer overwhelms that from the main speakers.
Re-adjust the volume control.
If you have a dedicated stereo/surround setup guide/disc, refer to the directions included
in it.
Note that you may need to try more than one location to reach optimum results.
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