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Design Safety; Features Of The S90 Subwoofer - Final Sound S90 User Manual

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Final Sound S90 Subwoofer User Manual


This subwoofer is supplied with a removable IEC power cord. Use only IEC power cords
designed for the power receptacle of your country, and with a minimum current rating of
For 220V operation, a 1A fuse is required. For 110V operation, a 2A fuse is required. In
both cases the fuse must be rated for 250V operation. Use only the rated sized fuses. Do
not use without the fuse cover in place. If the fuse holder is damaged or worn, see your
dealer for replacement.


The S90 subwoofer has a wide variety of features, including:
Dedicated volume control
Switchable phase control
Variable low pass crossover (60 Hz to 240 Hz)
Auto turn-on
High and low level inputs
High level outputs
Switchable power supply (110/220V user selectable)
The cabinet of the S90 uses 12mm thick high density composite walls. The cabinet is
finished in a high gloss acrylic piano black finish.
The amplifier is a 60W RMS at 4 ohm class A/B design. It is not a switching/class D
amplifier, and as such has a very low noise floor. It features a large power transformer,
oversized power supply capacitors, and a large external aluminum heatsink to ensure
long-term cool operation.
The driver is a very long throw 16,25 cm diameter driver with a patent pending stamped
frame XLB2 woofer.
The linear motor strength curve from this motor ensures extremely low distortion and
compression over the full operating bandwidth, as well as a very high transient response.
Copyright  2004 Final Sound Corp. All Rights Reserved.



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