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Control Panel; Connections - Final Sound S90 User Manual

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Final Sound S90 Subwoofer User Manual

4.1. Control Panel

The control panel of the S90 is labeled for easy identification and use. The most
commonly adjusted controls are located the top of the amplifier, while the least accessed
connections are located at the bottom.
The volume control allows setting the gain of the built-in amplifier to match your main
speakers. A total range of 60 dB is provided, allowing integration with nearly any audio
Phase can be switched between 0 and 180 degrees. Phase adjustment is critical to get
proper subwoofer/speaker integration.
The crossover frequency has a roll-off range from 60 Hz to 250 Hz. For use with Final
Sound electrostatic panels the crossover is typically set to 170 Hz.

4.2. Connections

The auto-on switch will place the amplifier in low-power mode until an input signal is
detected on the low or high level inputs. When an input signal is detected the amplifier
will automatically turn on, and will stay on for approximately 10 minutes after the input
signal is removed.
The line level inputs are standard RCA connectors, and are compatible with all consumer
electronics. The amplifier will automatically sum the two input signals together to create
a mono bass signal. In the event an LFE/SUB-OUT signal is fed to the subwoofer, either
line level input may be used.
The high level inputs are regular binding posts, and are compatible with all consumer
amplifiers. The input impedance of the high level inputs is high enough to not draw
significant amounts of power or load down the output of any power amplifier. Small
gauge wire may be used to provide the input signal.
The power connection is a standard IEC connector with a built-in fuse holder. The power
supply cord must be plugged into the connector before the power supply cord is plugged
into the wall socket.
The fuse is contained inside the IEC connector. The small tab inside the connector must
be depressed allowing the fuse holder to be slid out. The power supply cord cannot be
used when the fuse holder is extended or removed.
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