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Operational Guidelines; Cabinet Care - Final Sound S90 User Manual

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Final Sound S90 Subwoofer User Manual


As with all Final products, the S90 is designed to provide the highest level of
performance. However, the S90 still has limits that should be observed.
If the S90 begins to overload or heavily distort, turn down the bass or volume.
If the S90 overwhelms the output of the main speakers, turn down the volume.
If the main speakers sound strained, raise the S90 crossover frequency.
If the bass sounds loose or dislocated, adjust the phase or placement of the subwoofer
until the problem disappears.
Placement of the subwoofer within the room is critical to the operation of the S90.
Recommended locations include the center of the front wall, either front corner, or the
center of the side walls.
If the S90 malfunctions, turn the subwoofer off , check the connections and turn the
subwoofer back on. If the problem persists, contact your dealer for additional


The finish on the S90 is a high strength, scratch-resistant acrylic. However, as with all
fine furniture finishes the cabinet can still be scratched.
Always unplug the S90 prior to cleaning.
Do not clean or dust the cabinet with any abrasive cleaner. Use only a fine quality spray
or wipe-on furniture/dust cleaner.
Do not use any abrasive rag or scrubber. Use only a lint-free clean cloth.
Never use a liquid to clean the cabinet or amplifier.
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