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Installation Of Feet; Connecting The S90 To Your System; High Level Inputs - Final Sound S90 User Manual

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Final Sound S90 Subwoofer User Manual

4.3. Installation of feet

The feet of the S90 are supplied loose. Installation of the feet is accomplished with 2
supplied screws for each foot. The cabinet and feet are pre-drilled for your convenience.
The screws are recessed into the feet; place the screws tip-down into the feet through the
larger side hole.
Mount each foot at the corner, with the smooth/rounded edge to the outside.
Tighten each screw down hand-tight; do not over-tighten the screw or you may strip the
screw out of the cabinet.
Ensure that all feet are secured to the bottom of the cabinet before setting the subwoofer


Always switch off your system before connecting any wires!
To increase the versatility of connecting up, the S90 has various seperate high and low
level inputs.

5.1. High Level Inputs

Make sure your entire system is powered off.
Use a second set of speaker wires from your amplifier output to connect to the S90.
Connect the right amplifier output to the right high level input; connect the left amplifier
output to the left high level input.
Connect the positive amplifier output to the red binding post; connect the negative
amplifier output to the black binding post.
Ensure that the speaker wire is completely seated in the amplifier outputs and the
subwoofer's high level inputs before turning on any component.
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