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Safety Warning - Haier HWM70-1708T User Manual

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Safety precautions

Safety warning

The washing machine whose lid can be opened during water extraction, that it takes 15s
or more for complete stop of water-extracting chamber tub.
The new hose-sets supplied with the appliance are to be used and that old hose-sets
should not be reused
Please remove item such as coins,
button, sand and other solid materials
from clothing before washing.
If power cord or other parts of this machine become damaged or faulty, please
contact a echnician to have it repaired. Do not attempt repairs by yourself as this may
cause personal harm or void warranty.
Smart hinge prevents sudden closing of the door.Door is heavy,be careful while
closing of the door.
Do not let your hands or any other material be caught
below door. It might cause injury or damage.
Door closing time is dependent on ambient temperature.
The more higher the ambient temperature,the more
shorter the door closing time and vice versa. Smart Closing
Door performs best when lid is closed from full open condition.
Check that water faucets are open
after connection to machine, prior
to operation and that pipes are
connected correctly.
Please use low suds/High Efficiency
washing powder.
Smart hinge
Smart hinge



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