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Before Washing; Check The Following Before Washing - Haier HWM70-1708T User Manual

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Before washing

Check the following before washing

Clear the pockets
and take out loose
items such ascoins,
a. Check if the laundry has any special washing instructions.
b. Divide the laundry into colour fast and non-colour fast items.
c. Separate items that do not absorb water easily and wash by hand.
d. For heavily soiled items,please first remove loose dirt,then apply detergent directly
(as per instructions on pack) to the stain before washing.
e. For those items that may attract lint or are furry or fluffy,please turn inside out before
f. Do not put laundry soiled with chemicals or solvents into the washing machine.
Preparation before washing
1.Connect the water inlet hose. Open the water faucet.
2.Confirm that the washing machine is earthed reliably.
Then insert the power plug into the receptacle. The earth
terminal shall not link to gas pipeline and faucet water
3.Put down the drain hose.
Tie any long straps
or strings,fasten
buttons and close
The weight of the
laundry shall not
exceed the rated
capacity of your
machine,loosen the
laundry before
placing it evenly in
the tub.
When the machine is
running,buttons may
cause noise.
To reduce the noise,
turn clothes inside
out or place them in
a laundry bag.



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