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Introduction; Foreword; About This User Manual; Copyright - AEG AR 4029 DAB Instruction Manual

Dab car radio with bluetooth
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Dear customer,
Thank you for choosing our product.
Read the information of this manual to get familiar with your
device quickly and be able to use all its functions.
We wish you an enjoyable experience.

About this User Manual

This user manual is part of the stereo car radio AR 4029 DAB
(hereinafter referred to as unit); it informs you about intended
use, safety, connection and operation of the unit.
The user manual must be kept handy. It is to be read and ap-
plied by any person in charge of operating or troubleshoot-
Keep this user manual for future reference and pass it on to
any subsequent owners.


This documentation is protected by copyright.
Reproduction of texts and illustrations, be it in part or modi-
fied, is only permitted with written authorization by the manu-

Limitation of Liability

All technical information, data and instructions for connection
and operation contained in this user manual were up-to-date
at the time of printing and reflect our recent experiences and
findings to the best of our knowledge.
No claims can be derived from the information, illustrations
and descriptions in this user manual.
The manufacturer assumes no liability for damages due to
non-observance of the manual, other than intended use,
inappropriate repairs, unauthorized modifications or use of
unauthorized spare parts.


A warning of this risk level indicates an imminent dan-
gerous situation.
If the dangerous situation is not avoided, this can cause
death or severe injuries.
Follow the instructions in this warning to avoid danger
of death or severe injury.
A warning of this risk level indicates a potential damage
to property.
Not avoiding such situation can cause damage.
Follow the instructions of this warning to avoid
A note indicates additional information easing the use
of the device.

Intended Use

This unit is only intended to
receive DAB, FM or AM radio stations
playback Audio CDs
playback MP3 and WMA files from CD, USB device or
SD/MMC memory card
playback audio signals from external audio devices
for music reproduction via Bluetooth profile A2DP
for phoning via Bluetooth
No other use is intended.
Danger resulting from inappropriate use!
This device can cause danger in case of inappropriate use
and/or other use than intended.
Use the device only as intended.
Adhere to the procedures described in this manual.
Claims for damages due to inappropriate use are excluded.
The risk remains solely with the user.


This chapter offers important safety information on the use of
the device.
This device complies with legal safety regulations.
Inappropriate use can cause harm to persons and property.

Basic Safety Precautions

For safe operation of the device, observe the following safety
Before use, check the device for visible damage. Do not
use a damaged device or if it has been dropped.
Have damaged cords or connectors replaced by an
uthorized person or the customer service.
Persons not with reduced physical, mental or sensory
apabilities may not operate the device unless they are
given supervision or instruction by a person responsible
for their safety.
Children may only operate the device when supervised.
Have repairs done only by an authorized expert or cus-
tomer service. Improper repairs can cause considerable
dangers for the user. Moreover, the warranty will be void.
Repairs during the warranty period may only be done
by a customer service authorized by the manufacturer.
Otherwise, consecutive damages will not be covered by
the warranty.
Defective components must be replaced with genuine
parts. Only these parts guarantee conformity with the
safety requirements.



Table of Contents

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