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Motorola MG8702 Quick Start Manual

Docsis 3.1 modem + ac3200 wifi router
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  Summary of Contents for Motorola MG8702

  • Page 1 MG8702 DOCSIS 3.1 MODEM + AC3200 WIFI ROUTER quick start guide...
  • Page 2: Power Adapter

    PACKAGED WITH YOUR MG8702 DEVICE Power adapter Coax wrench Ethernet cable Velcro cable organizer ® Para una Guía de Inicio Rápido en español, por favor vaya a
  • Page 3: Let's Get Started

    Connect your MG8702 device to a “live” coax cable (see image on next page). A cable may already be available to you, or a coax wall jack may be nearby to connect one to. Your MG8702 device can also share a coax cable attached to a TV by using a coax splitter.
  • Page 4 MG8702 BUTTONS AND PORTS USB 3.0 port WPS button WLAN button (WiFi on/off) RESET button ETHERNET ports (1-4) You can connect a computer, smart TV, game console, or other Ethernet-capable device to any of these 4 LAN ports. COAX Connect a “live” coax cable (not included) to the modem’s COAX connector as discussed above.
  • Page 5 PREPARE TO ACTIVATE Power up your connected cable modem/router by pushing the On/ Off button in until it clicks. Wait for the online connection light for 3.0, or for 3.1) to stop flashing and remain lit. This may take up to 15 minutes. 2.
  • Page 6 — like Cox — prefer that you activate online. In this case, open up a Web browser on a computer that’s plugged into one of the MG8702 device’s Ethernet ports. Once connected, find your provider’s website, go to their activation page, and follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Page 7: Service Providers

    1 (866) 496-9669 Once you have activated your modem/router, try to browse the Web using a device connected via Ethernet or WiFi to the MG8702 device. If browsing works, Congratulations! Your MG8702 device is working. If your MG8702 device is...
  • Page 8 SMART WIFI, HAPPIER HOME Your device is powered by the Minim App, which enables you to: • Personalize your system settings • Test your device speeds and signal • Secure your privacy and data • Assign devices to family profiles •...
  • Page 9: Configuration Manager

    App. For instance, maybe you want a password that’s easier to remember, or you want to use your existing WiFi Network Name (SSID) and/or WiFi Password/Key instead of the unique ones that come with the MG8702 device. (See WiFi setup page). •...
  • Page 10 Enter key. Note: You may see security warnings pop up when you press Enter. To reduce the risk of unauthorized access, your MG8702 device was equipped with a self-signed certificate and designed to accept access via secure http (https) only.
  • Page 11 7 characters or less, you cannot change the Motorola password to match your previous network. If you encounter a problem, please see the Troubleshooting Tips on page 15. For more detailed information about the MG8702 device please see
  • Page 12 Note that wireless performance depends on a number of factors. Please keep these things in mind: • Where possible, place the MG8702 device in a central location so it can connect to your other wireless devices. • Try to avoid high interference by keeping the MG8702 device away from Bluetooth headsets and stereos, microwave ovens, wireless printers, and 2.4 GHz cordless phones and base stations.
  • Page 13: Usb 3.0 Port

    USB 3.0 PORT A USB 3.0 port is located on the back of the MG8702, which can be used for File Sharing by the devices on your local network. Log in to the Configuration Manager (see Configuration Manager section above). Navigate to Advanced > Advanced Router > File Sharing.
  • Page 14: Front Panel Lights

    FRONT PANEL LIGHTS During power up, the lights will blink for about a minute. Light Color Description MG8702 power on Power Green OFF: MG8702 power off Green blinking: Scanning for DS channel Green ON: Connected on 1 channel Downstream Green or Blue...
  • Page 15: Troubleshooting Tips

    What if my MG8702 device has been working, then stops working? Turn your MG8702 device off for at least 8 seconds, then on, to see if that fixes the problem. 2. If the MG8702 device’s lights don’t come on, check that the modem is getting power from its power adapter and that the MG8702 device’s power button is on.
  • Page 16 This lets you see whether your home’s cabling is a problem. 8. If you’re using a splitter with your MG8702 device, try the MG8702 device without the splitter to see if that helps. If it does, you may need to get a better splitter, one with a top frequency of at least 1,000 MHz.
  • Page 17 It shows the default values for you to use. If you changed these credentials, try to remember where you put the new values. If you have a device that connects wirelessly to the MG8702 device, it may show the Wireless Network Name/SSID and Password. You can also find this information in the MG8702 device Configuration Manager.
  • Page 18 What if I think that wireless devices are interfering with my MG8702 device wireless router? First, make sure that your MG8702 device has been placed as far away from interfering devices — like Bluetooth transmitters and neighboring WiFi routers — as possible. Then, try to pick a lesser- used wireless channel for your MG8702 device by going into your MG8702 device’s Configuration Manager.
  • Page 19: We're Here To Help You

    WE’RE HERE TO HELP YOU Feel free to visit our support Website or call our support specialists. Our Website features helpful Motorola Mentor information, as well as information about returns and warranty information. Web: Email: Phone: 800-753-0797 or 617-753-0562...
  • Page 20: Safety Precautions

    Your MG8702 should be operated in an environment that’s between 32 and 104° Fahrenheit (0 to 40° Centigrade). • Your MG8702 should not be in a confined space. There should be room for air flow around the top, front, and sides of the MG8702. •...