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SouthernLINC Wireless
iDEN Digital Multi-service Data-capable Phone
i355 Phone User's Guide


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   Summary of Contents for MOTOROLA I355 - SOUTHERNLINC

  • Page 1

    SouthernLINC Wireless iDEN Digital Multi-service Data-capable Phone i355 Phone User’s Guide NNTN6123B...

  • Page 3

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: PLEASE READ PRIOR TO USING YOUR PHONE The SIM card provided in this kit is intended for use with the phone provided in this package. Loss of certain features will result when using a SIM card from one of the following models: i30sx, i35s, i50sx, i55sr, i58s, i60c, i80s, i85s, i88s, i90c, i95cl series, and the i2000 series.

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    LINCaround ...........23 Enabling Over-the-Air Security......6 Channels and Codes........24 Phone Programming .........7 Private LINCaround Calls........26 Finding Your Phone Number and LINC ID ..7 Emergency Calls Using LINCaround ....27 Phone Basics ............7 Setup Options ..........27 SIM Card Security ...........11 Accessories .............15 Recent Calls..........29 For More Information........15...

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Special Function Keys........52 Creating Pauses and Waits While Dialing..41 Using Numeric Mode........53 Setting One Touch PTT........41 Using Symbols Mode ........53 Call Timers ............42 Using Your Phone as a Modem ......42 Messages ..........54 Making TTY Calls ..........43 Message Notifications ........54 Message Center..........55...

  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Editing Events ..........70 Accessing Voice Mail from Deleting Events ..........70 the Message Center ........56 Receiving Reminders ........71 Sending Unanswered Calls to Voice Mail ..56 Making Calls From Datebook ......71 Customizing Datebook Setup......72 Text Messages ......... 57 Setting Up............57 Digital Rights Management (DRM)..73 Receiving a Message ........57...

  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    GPS Enabled ..........81 Using Settings ..........95 IMPORTANT: Things to Keep in Mind ....81 Profiles ............100 Making an Emergency Call ......82 Viewing Profiles..........100 Viewing Your Approximate Location ....83 Switching Profiles..........100 Enhancing GPS Performance ......84 How Changing Settings Affects Profiles..100 Setting Privacy Options ........86 Temporary Profiles........101...

  • Page 9: Table Of Contents

    Safety and General Information ... 109 RF Operational Characteristics .....109 Portable Radio Product Operation and EME Exposure..........109 Electromagnetic Interference/Compatibility...112 Implantable Medical Devices......112 Operational Warnings........113 Operational Cautions........114 Accessory Safety Information......115 California Perchlorate Label ....117 MOTOROLA LIMITED WARRANTY ..118 Patent and Trademark Information ..122...

  • Page 10

    DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY Note: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class Per FCC CFR 47 Part 2 Section 2.1077(a) B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to...

  • Page 11

    Motorola arises by operation of law in the sale of a reserves the right to change or modify any product.

  • Page 12: Getting Started

    Option key — selects the option appearing above it on the display. Send key — places phone calls. speaker (in back) End key — ends phone calls; returns to microphone idle screen. Turns speaker on; used with voice names and voice records.

  • Page 13: Getting Started, Removing The Battery Door

    1 Make sure the phone is powered off. See “Powering On and Off” on page 6. 2 Slide the release button forward until it releases the battery door. 3 Remove the battery door from the back of your phone. release button...

  • Page 14: Locating Your Sim Card

    3 Replace the battery door and press it gently until you hear a click. If your SIM card is not in the SIM card holder, it may be in the box your phone came in, attached to a piece of plastic about the size of a credit card. If...

  • Page 15: Charging The Battery

    Getting Started 4 If you want to ensure the battery door does not 3 Plug the other end of the charger into the accidentally come off, rotate the circular piece in accessory connector. the center of the release button to lock it.

  • Page 16

    • Lithium Ion batteries have a self discharge rate door. and without use, lose about 1% of their charge per day. • The battery capacity is degraded if the battery is stored for long periods while fully charged. If long term storage is required, store at half capacity.

  • Page 17: Activating Service, Powering On And Off, Enabling Over-the-air Security

    When you receive your phone, the SIM PIN is 0000. Change your PIN to prevent fraudulent use 1 When you power on your phone for the first time, of the SIM card (see “Changing the PIN” on after the idle screen appears, you will be page 12).

  • Page 18: Phone Programming, Finding Your Phone Number And Linc Id, Phone Basics

    • Line 1 and Line 2 are your phone numbers. Within 24 hours of enabling security, you may • Your LINC ID is the number that others use to receive an alert notification containing your LINC contact you using InstantLINC Mobile to ID and Talkgroup lists for InstantLINC Mobile to Mobile calls.

  • Page 19: Display Options

    Your phone’s features are arranged in menus, submenus, and lists. display options To access the items in a menu or list, scroll using the navigation key at the top of your keypad. This key lets you scroll up, down, left, or right. Holding down the appropriate part of the navigation key The screen shown is the idle screen.

  • Page 20: Main Menu

    Phone Basics Quick Access to Main Menu Items Main Menu Each arrow in the navigation key and O can be All your phone’s features can be accessed through used to access a main menu item from the idle the main menu. You can set the main menu to screen.

  • Page 21: Status Icons

    Status Icons Messages Access messages. See page 53. Status icons appear at the top of the display. Some appear at all times. Others appear only when your Call Forward Set call forwarding phone is engaged in certain activities or when you options.

  • Page 22: Sim Card Security

    Internet — You are ready to To prevent unauthorized use of your phone, your browse the internet. SIM card may be protected by a PIN that you enter each time the phone is powered on. You can Airplane Mode — Your phone is change the PIN or turn off the requirement that it set to airplane mode.

  • Page 23: Changing The Pin

    SouthernLINC Wireless. See When the SIM PIN requirement is on, you are “Unblocking the PIN” on page 12. prompted to enter your PIN each time you turn on your phone. 1 When the Enter SIM PIN Code screen appears, enter your SIM PIN. An asterisk appears for Note: If a SIM PIN is required, your phone will each character entered.

  • Page 24

    Contacts information, but erases card. other information. If you remove your SIM card and To unblock the PIN: use it with another phone, or use another SIM card 1 Press * # m 1. with your phone, the following information is erased: 2 At SouthernLINC Wireless representative’s...

  • Page 25

    See “Removing the Battery” on your SIM card from your phone unless page 5. absolutely necessary. 1 Hold your SIM card as shown. Do not touch the 1 With your phone powered off, remove the gold-colored area. battery door and battery.

  • Page 26: Accessories, For More Information

    Accessories Accessories To order accessories, log on to the SouthernLINC Wireless Web site at or contact your SouthernLINC Wireless sales representative. For More Information If you have questions about your i355 phone, contact your sales representative or SouthernLINC Wireless at 1-800-406-0151.

  • Page 27: Making Calls, Phone Calls

    Sending to Voice Mail Press e. -or- 1 Enter the LINC ID you want to call. 2 Press and hold the PTT button on the side of Press A under No. your phone. Begin talking after your phone emits Ending a chirping sound.

  • Page 28: Instantlinc Mobile To Mobile Calls

    1 Wait for the caller to finish speaking. If you make a mistake: 2 Press and hold the PTT button on the side of • To clear a digit, press A under Delete. your phone. Begin talking after your phone emits •...

  • Page 29

    • If the Contacts type displayed is not a phone Redialing the Last Number number, your phone places the call to the phone Press and hold s to place a call to the last phone number stored in the Contacts entry. number you called.

  • Page 30: Missed Phone Calls, Using Speakerphone

    One Touch PTT sets your phone to call the most Your phone plays the name back to you. recent LINC ID on the recent calls list, or a LINC ID you choose, every time you press the PTT button. If you are making a phone call, the call is placed See “Setting One Touch PTT”...

  • Page 31: Using Mute, Making Emergency Phone Calls

    Your phone supports emergency calling. Emergency phone calls can be made even when your SIM card is blocked or not in your phone. Dial 911 to be connected to an emergency response center. If you are on an active call, you must end it before calling 911.

  • Page 32: Receiving Calls

    Sending Call Alerts you have received. They appear as InstantLINC Mobile to Mobile calls. Call 1 Enter the LINC ID you want to send to, as you alerts remain in your recent calls list until would when making an InstantLINC Mobile to you delete them or until they reach the Mobile call.

  • Page 33: Call Alerts

    Viewing Date and Time Deleting Call Alerts To view the date and time a call alert was received: To delete a call alert from the queue: 1 From the main menu, select Call Alert. 1 From the call alert queue, scroll to the call alert 2 Select the call alert you want information on.

  • Page 34

    LINCaround. You can make and receive LINCaround calls even when network Using LINCaround service is not available. You can talk to anyone on your code and channel within your range. To set your phone to LINCaround: LINCaround allows you to: 1 From the main menu, scroll to LINCaround and press A under Select.

  • Page 35: Lincaround Sm

    LINCaround is active. the same channel as others. To have a conversation, all parties must be on the Exiting LINCaround same channel and code. For private LINCaround To set your phone to network mode when...

  • Page 36: Channels And Codes

    Channels and Codes 5 When you are finished, press A under Back to Receive All return to the LINCaround idle screen. You can set your phone to receive LINCaround Making and Receiving Code Calls in transmissions from any phone that is set to the...

  • Page 37: Private Lincaround Calls

    2 Press and hold the PTT button. Begin speaking be in LINCaround. after your phone emits the LINCaround tone. • The person that you are trying to reach is set to 3 Release the PTT button to listen. a different channel or is out of range.

  • Page 38: Private Lincaround Calls, Emergency Calls Using Lincaround, Setup Options

    • Launch directly into LINCaround when you The display will return to the LINCaround idle select LINCaround from the main menu. screen. • Notify you periodically with a tone that you are in Emergency Calls Using LINCaround. LINCaround Using Direct Launch...

  • Page 39

    Your phone now displays LA Options when you select LINCaround from the main menu. Using State Tone To set your phone to notify you with a tone that you are in LINCaround: 1 From the Setup screen, scroll to State Tone and press A under Change.

  • Page 40: Recent Calls, Viewing Recent Calls, Storing Recent Calls To Contacts

    To get more information on a recent call: If the number of a recent call is stored in Contacts, the name associated with the number appears on From the recent calls list, select the call you the recent calls list.

  • Page 41: Recent Calls, Deleting Recent Calls

    Contacts type you want to assign the number. For information on Contacts types, see page 31. 5 If you want to add more information to the entry, follow the applicable instructions in “Creating Entries” on page 33.

  • Page 42

    A Contacts entry contains: Work2 phone number • A name — A name is required if you are storing Home phone number more than one number or address to the entry; otherwise, it is optional. Typically, this is the...

  • Page 43: Contacts, Viewing Contacts

    1 From the Contacts list, press A under Search. number or change it. -or- • A voice name — If you create a voice name for a If Search is not one of your options: Press m. number, you can then dial that number by saying the voice name into your phone.

  • Page 44: Creating Entries

    Creating Entries 3 Set this option to Show All. 3 If you want to assign a ring tone to the name: Select Ringer. Creating Entries Select the ring tone you want to assign. A number or address and a Contacts type are 4 To assign a Contacts type to the number or required for all Contacts entries.

  • Page 45: Storing Numbers From The Idle Screen, Editing Entries

    When you are finished, press O. 1 From the Contacts list, scroll to the entry you want to edit. 3 If you want to create a voice name for a phone 2 Press A under Edit. -or- number, select Voice Name.

  • Page 46: Deleting Entries, Checking Capacity

    To program a pause: 2 Scroll left or right to display the Contacts type for Press and hold * until the letter P appears. the number you want to delete. The P represents a 3-second pause.

  • Page 47: Creating Pauses And Waits, International Numbers, Accessing Contacts With Gsm Phones

    11 digits and then waits. A message appears asking if you want to send the rest of the digits. Press A under Yes to dial the last 4 digits.

  • Page 48: Call Forwarding, Forwarding All Calls, Turning Off Call Forwarding

    When you set your phone to forward all calls, an icon appears in the top row of the display: 3 To enter the number you want to forward calls to: Enter the number using your keypad. -or- Phone line 1 is active; calls to phone line 1 are being forwarded.

  • Page 49: Call Forwarding, Forwarding Missed Calls, Viewing Call Forwarding Settings

    Enter the number using your keypad. -or- of missed call: Press A under Search. Select Contacts, • If Busy — Your phone is on a call or transferring Recent Calls, or Memo. Select the number you data. want to enter.

  • Page 50: Advanced Calling Features, Call Waiting, Switching Between Calls

    To turn off Call Waiting for the next call you make If you are on a call and receive a second call, your or receive: phone emits a tone and displays a message saying you are receiving a second call.

  • Page 51: Advanced Calling Features

    1 Press m. If you want to make the call active again, press A 2 Select Join. under Resume. All 3 people in the call can speak to and hear each Calling 2 People other. Making a 3-Way Call Putting a Call on Hold, Making a Second Call 1 Place or receive a phone call.

  • Page 52: Creating Pauses And Waits While Dialing, Setting One Touch Ptt

    InstantLINC > One Touch PTT. One Touch PTT sets your phone to call the most 2 Set this option to Off. recent LINC ID on the recent calls list, or a LINC ID you choose, every time you press the PTT button.

  • Page 53: Call Timers, Using Your Phone As A Modem

    InstantLINC Mobile to Mobile calls or group 3 To view a feature without resetting: Press O calls, and circuit data use, as well as the number of Kilobytes sent and received by your phone: when you are finished viewing. -or- To reset a feature: Press A under Reset.

  • Page 54: Making Tty Calls

    TTY device. 2 Make sure that your phone’s TTY feature is on 3 Insert the data plug into the data port of the other and select the TTY mode you want to use. device.

  • Page 55

    To change mode during a call using your TTY From the main menu, select Settings > Phone device, issue one of the following commands: Calls > TTY > Use TTY. This field must say On. • “VCO please” — to select VCO mode Choosing a Mode •...

  • Page 56

    Making TTY Calls 2 Select the baud rate for your location.

  • Page 57: Group Calls

    -or- Group Calls Choose the Talkgroup name from Contacts or A group call is similar to an InstantLINC Mobile to recent calls list. Mobile call, but is made to all members of a 2 Proceed as if making an InstantLINC Mobile to Talkgroup at once.

  • Page 58

    Talkgroup: 1 From the main menu, select Settings > InstantLINC > Tkgrp Silent. 2 Set this option On. To set your phone to let you hear group calls to your Talkgroup: Set Tkgrp Silent to Off in step 2.

  • Page 59: Memo

    Memo To store the memo number to Contacts: 1 From the main menu, select Memo. Memo lets you store a number, make a call to that 2 Press m. number, and save it to Contacts. 3 Select Store to Cntcs.

  • Page 60: Ring Tones, Setting Your Phone To Vibrate

    2 Make sure VibeAll is set to Off. 1 From the main menu, select Ring Tones > 3 Scroll through the list of ring tones and select the VibeAll. one you want to assign. Vibrate sets your phone 2 Set this option to On.

  • Page 61: Ring And Vibrate, Assigning Ring Tones To Contacts, Viewing Ring Tone Assignments

    2 Make sure VibeAll is set to Off. calls are heard through the earpiece, not the speaker. 3 Scroll through the list of ring tones and select the one you want to assign. These icons may appear at the same time.

  • Page 62: Downloading More Ring Tones, Managing Memory, Deleting Custom Ring Tones

    Tones messages, voice records, Java applications, pictures, and wallpaper If you want to use other ring tones, you can images. Deleting some of these other download them into your phone for a fee. Go to items frees memory for ring tones.

  • Page 63: Entering Text, Using Alpha Mode, Using Word Mode

    Entering Text Entering Text Using Alpha Mode • Press any key on the keypad to enter the letters, You can enter text, numbers, and symbols into numbers, and symbols on that key. For example, your phone using Alpha, Word, Numeric, or to enter the letter Y, press 9 three times.

  • Page 64: Special Function Keys

    The displayed word may change as you type it. 3 Select the language you want for your database. Do not try to correct the word as you go. Type to Special Function Keys the end of the word before editing.

  • Page 65: Using Numeric Mode, Using Symbols Mode

    Entering Text Punctuation Press 1 or 0 to insert punctuation. Continue to press the key to view the list of symbols available through that key. Pause to select the symbol you want. Note: Additional punctuation symbols are available in Symbols mode.

  • Page 66: Messages, Message Notifications

    You can receive the following types of messages on your phone: If you are not on a phone call when you receive a message, your phone sounds a notification tone • Voice mail messages every 30 seconds until you access the message, •...

  • Page 67: Message Center

    To access your messages through the message center: 1 From the main menu, select Messages. 2 Scroll to the type of message you want to access. 3 Press O or press A under the display option on the left.

  • Page 68: Voice Mail Messages, Receiving A Message, Accessing Voice Mail From The Message Center

    Sending Unanswered Calls to Voice Mail Note: To receive voice mail messages, you must first set up a voice mail account with To send a phone call to voice mail instead of SouthernLINC Wireless. answering it: Press e. -or- Receiving a Message Press A under No.

  • Page 69: Text Messages, Setting Up, Receiving A Message

    When you are finished, press O. text message, or net alert, your phone notifies you 7 Select Expire After. the next time you power it on. If you are out of your coverage area, your phone alerts you when you return to your coverage area.

  • Page 70: Reading From The Message Center, Creating And Sending Messages

    Press the number of the message you want to context-sensitive menus in the message read. center. 3 If the message fills more than one screen, scroll 2 To address the message: to read it. Tip: Scrolling through one message lets you Use the keypad to enter the phone number of view the next message.

  • Page 71

    You can store 2 If the entry has more than one phone number up to 20 quick notes. A quick note may be up to 30 stored, view the phone number you want to send characters long.

  • Page 72: Resending Messages

    Creating and Sending Messages Using Drafts Deleting Sent Messages When you save a message as a draft, it is saved in To delete a sent message: the drafts folder. 1 From the main menu, select Messages > Text To edit a draft: Outbox.

  • Page 73: Sorting Messages, Managing Memory

    Text Messages 4 Select Lock. The text inbox holds 20 messages. If the text inbox is full, you cannot receive messages until you Unlocking a Message delete some. 1 From the main menu, select Messages > Text The outbox and drafts folder share memory space.

  • Page 74: Viewing My Info, Editing My Info

    Viewing My Info My Info • Circuit Data — the number you use if you want to use your phone to transfer circuit data. See “Using Your Phone as a Modem” on page 42. My Info lets you view information about your phone You receive this number from SouthernLINC and send this information to other phones.

  • Page 75: Setting Sending Options

    My Info 2 Press m. You can also edit the information in Line 1, Line 2, and Ckt, but your changes are only temporary. The 3 Select LINC View Setup > Info to Send. next time your phone registers on the network,...

  • Page 76: Using Linc View, Sending My Info And Contact Information

    3 Select LINC View My Info. of that phone. 4 Use the keypad to enter the LINC ID you want to Sending My Info send the information to. -or- Press A under Browse. Select Contacts,...

  • Page 77

    Using LINC View Sending Contact Information 3 Select LINC View Contact. 4 Use the keypad to enter the LINC ID you want to You can send contact information by selecting a send. -or- Contacts entry or an item from the recent calls list.

  • Page 78

    Sending My Info and Contact Information Updating Contacts When you receive a call and see an icon next to the name of the person who called you, you can update the contact for that person. To update the contact: 1 When you see an icon next to a contact, press 2 Select Update Contacts.

  • Page 79: Datebook, Viewing Datebook

    Datebook stores up to 250 events. You can store • A reminder — If an event has a start time, you events over a 13 month period — 12 months after can set Datebook to remind you that the event is and 1 month before the current date.

  • Page 80: Creating Events

    1 While viewing Datebook, press m. scrolling through the event details. 2 Select the view you want. After you have entered the information you want, you can press A under Done to store the event Navigating Datebook to Datebook. To scroll through Datebook: If you decide you don’t want to store the event:...

  • Page 81

    A under Done. -or- Select Custom to enter a duration. If you want to assign a ring tone, a profile, or a 6 The date automatically assigned to an event is Java application to the event, see “Assigning the date that was highlighted or selected when More Options”...

  • Page 82: Editing Events, Deleting Events

    4 Follow the applicable instructions in “Creating stored in your phone. Events” on page 69 to edit the various fields. 2 If you want to assign a profile that your phone is To copy an event to another date: switched to while the event is occurring: 1 Select the day the event occurs.

  • Page 83: Receiving Reminders, Making Calls From Datebook

    Datebook 5 If the event is not a recurring event, press O or For Events with Numbers to Call press A under Yes to confirm. -or- If you stored a phone number, LINC ID, or If the event is a recurring event:...

  • Page 84: Customizing Datebook Setup

    Customizing Datebook Setup number in Subject is called or sent a call alert. To You can view or change these options: call or send a call alert to the number stored in • Start View — sets Datebook to start in day view,...

  • Page 85: Digital Rights Management (drm), Managing Items

    Digital Rights Management (DRM) Digital Rights Viewing License Information You can check a DRM item’s license to view the Management (DRM) following information: When you download multimedia content available • For time-based items, either the date and time online, such as Java applications, these items may the item is scheduled to expire, or the number of be subject to DRM restrictions.

  • Page 86: Deleting Items

    About Expired Items Renew. Most items will continue to display on your phone 4 Select the link to the page where you purchased until you delete them. You can also choose to the item. renew the license for an expired item.

  • Page 87: Java Applications, Installing Applications, Running Applications, Suspending Applications

    Suspending Applications installs. When you suspend an application, it does not stop 3 If you want to create a shortcut to the Java application on the main menu: Press A under running. It goes to the background so that you can run another application in the foreground.

  • Page 88: Resuming Applications, Ending Applications, Downloading Applications

    To end an application: 1 From the main menu, select Java Apps. About DRM Java Applications 2 If the application you want to end is part of a Your phone supports gifting and tell-a-friend suite of applications, select the suite.

  • Page 89: Deleting Applications, Managing Memory, Shortcuts On The Main Menu

    To view the amount of memory available for Java vendors will not charge you if you applications: download an item multiple times within a 1 From the main menu, select Java Apps > Java given time frame. Please contact the DRM System. vendor to learn more about their 2 Press A under Next.

  • Page 90: Java Applications And Gps Enabled

    Java applications to access 5 Press A under Done. the location of your phone. Your phone protects your privacy by giving you the option to block all or To remove a shortcut: some Java applications from accessing the 1 From the main menu, select Settings >...

  • Page 91

    To grant this request: of your phone when the application requests 1 Press A under Grant. The application access for the first time. You may be required to accesses your phone’s location. grant or deny subsequent requests from the same...

  • Page 92

    Application request is denied without notifying you. After a given Java application requests access to the location of your phone for the first time, you have the opportunity to set the GPS privacy option for that Java application. 1 From the main menu, select Java Apps.

  • Page 93: Gps Enabled, Important: Things To Keep In Mind

    The availability and accuracy of this location IMPORTANT: Things to Keep information (and the amount of time that it takes to in Mind calculate it) will vary depending on the environment in which you are using the GPS feature. For...

  • Page 94: Making An Emergency Call

    Advice Dial 911 to be connected to an emergency on how to improve GPS performance is response center. If you are on an active call, you provided in “Enhancing GPS Performance” on must end it before calling 911.

  • Page 95: Viewing Your Approximate Location

    911 operator you 2 Scroll to view the entire screen. speak to when making an emergency call, if able, just as you would when using a phone without GPS This displays the following information about the capabilities.

  • Page 96: Enhancing Gps Performance

    Enhancing GPS Performance • The number of satellites used to calculate the If you received a phone call or alert while location. In general, more satellites make for attempting to determine your location, the Position better accuracy. screen will disappear, but your phone will continue attempting to determine its location.

  • Page 97

    Do not • Stay in the open. The GPS feature works best cover the antenna area with your fingers or where there is nothing between your phone and anything else.

  • Page 98: Setting Privacy Options

    Setting Privacy Options • In a car. When using the GPS Enabled feature in To set your GPS privacy options: a car, position your phone so that the GPS 1 From the main menu, select GPS > Privacy. antenna has good access to GPS signals 2 If your GPS PIN security feature is enabled, through the car’s windows.

  • Page 99: Using Gps With Map Software

    Using GPS with Map Software When you receive your phone, the GPS security feature is turned off, so you do not have to enter a GPS PIN to access your GPS privacy options. If You can use the GPS feature of your phone to...

  • Page 100

    To connect your phone to your laptop or other device: 1 Open the connector cover. 3 Insert the data plug into the COM port of your laptop or other device. connector Make sure no other application is using the COM cover port selected.

  • Page 101

    GPS Enabled • Flow control: Hardware To set your phone to send location information to your laptop or other device: 1 From the main menu, select GPS > Interface. 2 Set NMEA OUT to On. Your phone is now sending location data to your laptop or other device.

  • Page 102: Voice Records, Viewing Voice Records, Creating Voice Records

    Viewing Voice Records Voice Records Filtering by Voice Record Type You can set your phone to show all voice records, A voice record is a recording you make with your only voice records created when your phone was in phone and can play back. You can record notes to a call, or only voice records created when your yourself or phone calls.

  • Page 103: Playing Voice Records, Labeling Voice Records, Locking Voice Records

    2 Select the voice record you want to play. again, press A under Resume. To stop 3 To stop the voice record while it is playing, press recording and discard the voice record at any time, press A under Cancel.

  • Page 104: Deleting Voice Records, Managing Memory

    Memory. -or- With any voice record highlighted, press m. Deleting a voice record from the voice record list deletes it from all parts of your phone, including the Select Memory. media center. To free more memory by deleting all unlocked...

  • Page 105: Customizing Your Phone, Setting The Volume, Setting Your Phone To Vibrate

    Scroll to Speaker to set the speaker volume. 2 Select Vibrate to set your phone to vibrate. 3 To set the volume: Tip: Select Silent in step 2 to set your phone to neither vibrate nor make a sound. Scroll left or right. -or- Press the volume controls.

  • Page 106

    2 Select the wallpaper you want to delete. 3 Press m. Setting the Menu View 4 Select Delete. You can set the items on your main menu and Java 5 Press O. applications menu to appear as large icons or a 6 Press A under Yes.

  • Page 107: Airplane Mode—temporarily Turning Off Calls, Using Settings

    Customizing Your Phone Setting the Backlight To set your phone so that it cannot make or receive phone calls, InstantLINC Mobile to Mobile calls, or A backlight lights the display and keypad when you group calls; or transfer data: make or receive a call, or press keys or buttons.

  • Page 108: Call Waiting

    • Wallpaper — changes the wallpaper that • Set Line — sets phone line 1 or phone line 2 as appears on the idle screen. the active line for outgoing calls. • Palette — changes the color scheme of the •...

  • Page 109: Setting One Touch Ptt

    Features screen. The InstantLINC Mobile to Mobile menu controls • Left Key — sets the main menu item you access how your phone handles InstantLINC Mobile to when you scroll left from the idle screen. Mobile calls and group calls: •...

  • Page 110: Advanced Features, Security Features

    The Security menu lets you turn security features used Settings features. on and off and change passwords: • Alert Timeout — sets the amount of time a tone • Phone Lock — turns on a feature that locks continues to sound when you receive a your phone: Lock Now takes effect immediately;...

  • Page 111

    • Airplane Mode — prevents your phone from making or receiving phone calls, InstantLINC Mobile to Mobile calls, group calls, or transferring data. • Baud Rate — sets the baud rate at which your phone communicates with a laptop computer, PC, or similar device.

  • Page 112: Profiles, Viewing Profiles, Switching Profiles, How Changing Settings Affects Profiles

    Profiles Viewing Profiles To view the profiles stored in your phone: A profile is a group of settings saved together so that you can apply them to your phone easily. 1 From the main menu, select Profiles. 2 Scroll to the profile you want to view.

  • Page 113: Temporary Profiles

    -or- If you do not store a temporary profile, it is deleted • Creates a temporary profile that contains these when you switch profiles or power off your phone.

  • Page 114: Creating Profiles, Editing Profiles, Deleting Profiles

    4 Select Edit. The temporary profile is stored with the name of the profile it is based on. The profile it is based on, 5 Scroll through the list of options and set their as it existed before you made changes to settings, values.

  • Page 115: Setting Call Filtering

    5 To set filtering options for call alerts, select To set call filtering: Alerts. • Off sets your phone to notify you of all call 1 While setting options for a profile, select Call alerts. Filter. • On sets your phone to ignore all call alerts.

  • Page 116: Shortcuts, Creating A Shortcut, Using A Shortcut

    Creating a Shortcut 6 Press O. Shortcuts 7 If you want to record a voice name for the shortcut: Select Voice. As directed by the Shortcuts lets you access most menu options by screen prompts, say and repeat the name you pressing a number on your keypad (1 through 9) or want to assign to the number.

  • Page 117: Editing A Shortcut, Deleting Shortcuts

    4 Press O or press A under Yes to confirm. 7 Press A under Insert. 8 Repeat step 4 through step 7 for all the items you want to move. 9 Press A under Done. To change the number or voice name assigned to a shortcut: 1 From the main menu, select Shortcuts.

  • Page 118: Understanding Status Messages

    Understanding Status Status Message Description Messages Messages You are either out of coverage or having Service Not problems with provisioning. You may receive status messages under certain Available conditions. Before contacting SouthernLINC The system is experiencing heavy System Busy Wireless Customer Care, note the message, traffic.

  • Page 119

    Your SIM card is not being detected. Insert SIM Please check to ensure that you have inserted the SIM card correctly into your phone. Please enter your 4- to 8- digit SIM PIN Enter SIM PIN code. Auto Phone Lock is activated. Enter Enter Unlock your unlock code.

  • Page 120: Using A Headset, Attaching A Headset, Using A Remote Ptt Button

    Hold the remote PTT button for less than 2 If you use a headset or similar device with your seconds to answer calls and switch between calls. phone, you can set your phone to send incoming...

  • Page 121: Safety And General Information, Rf Operational Characteristics, Portable Radio Product Operation And Eme Exposure

    • ANATEL, Brasil Regulatory Authority, Resolution the network. 303 (July 2, 2002) "Regulation of the limitation of exposure to electrical, magnetic, and Portable Radio Product electromagnetic fields in the radio frequency range between 9 kHz and 300 GHz."...

  • Page 122

    50% talk/50% listen. in the two-way radio mode, then ensure the...

  • Page 123

    FCC for each model. The highest GOVERNMENT’S REQUIREMENTS FOR EXPOSURE SAR value for this model phone when tested for use at the TO RADIO WAVES. ear is 1.45 W/kg and when tested on the body, as described in this user guide, is 1.26 W/kg during packet...

  • Page 124: Electromagnetic Interference/compatibility, Implantable Medical Devices

    When instructed to do so, turn off your radio product when on board an aircraft. Any use of a Approved Accessories radio product must be in accordance with applicable regulations per airline crew instructions.

  • Page 125: Operational Warnings

    Do not place a portable radio product in the area manufacturer of the implantable medical device. over the air bag or in the air bag deployment area. If you have any questions about using your Air bags inflate with great force. If a portable radio...

  • Page 126: Operational Cautions

    If your radio product interior gets wet, then do not To avoid possible interference with blasting try to accelerate drying with the use of an oven or a operations, turn off your radio product when you dryer as this will damage the radio product and are near electrical blasting caps, in a blasting area, void the warranty.

  • Page 127: Accessory Safety Information

    Safety and General Information Clean the external surfaces of the radio product • To reduce the risk of damage to the cord or plug, with a damp cloth, using a mild solution of pull by the plug rather than the cord when you dishwashing detergent and water.

  • Page 128

    Accessory Safety Information • The cord size is 18AWG for lengths up to 100 feet and 16AWG for lengths up to 150 feet. • Do not operate any battery charger if it has received a sharp blow, has been dropped, or has been damaged in any way;...

  • Page 129: California Perchlorate Label

    California Perchlorate Label California Perchlorate Label Some mobile phones use an internal, permanent backup battery on the printed circuit board that may contain very small amounts of perchlorate. In such cases, California law requires the following label: “Perchlorate Material - special handling may apply.

  • Page 130: Motorola Limited Warranty

    Products ("Accessories") and product. Motorola software contained on CD-Roms or other Products or The balance of the tangible media and sold for use with these Accessories that are original warranty or Products ("Software") to be free from defects in Repaired or Replaced.

  • Page 131

    Product or may subscribe to or use with the Products, Accessory to abnormal usage or conditions; or (d) Accessories or Software is excluded from other acts which are not the fault of Motorola, are coverage. excluded from coverage.

  • Page 132

    Motorola iDEN Customer Services parties, that the operation of the software products 1-800-453-0920 or 954-723-4910 will be uninterrupted or error free, or that all defects in the software products will be corrected. TTY-877-483-2840 Software NOT Embodied in Physical Media.

  • Page 133

    LIABLE, WHETHER IN CONTRACT OR TORT of the Motorola software. Motorola software may (INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE) FOR DAMAGES IN only be copied into, used in, and redistributed with, EXCESS OF THE PURCHASE PRICE OF THE the Products associated with such Motorola PRODUCT, ACCESSORY OR SOFTWARE, OR software.

  • Page 134: Patent And Trademark Information

    Information MOTOROLA, the Stylized M Logo and all other trademarks indicated as such herein are trademarks of Motorola, Inc. ® Reg. U.S. Pat. & Tm. Off. © 2006 Motorola, Inc. All rights reserved. Microsoft and Microsoft Internet Explorer are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

  • Page 135: Call Timers, Index

    PTT 108 safety 115 all calls 37 Speed Dial 19 Airplane mode missed calls 38 TTY, see TTY calls turning on and off 95 off 37 Turbo Dial 19 Alpha mode 51 Call Timers 42 voice name 18 Call Waiting 39...

  • Page 136

    32 drafts best results 84 showing all entries 32 DRM 73 emergency calls 20, 82 showing only LINC IDs 32 count-based usage 73 map software 87 SIM card 31 definition 73 privacy options 86 storing from idle screen 34...

  • Page 137

    LINCaround calls 26 setting options 54 Phone 1, 7 setup options 27 Messages 54 active line 96 talk range 24 see also voice mail, Text locking 98 Messages, and SMS Lists, see menus modem 42 messages off 6 receiving 54...

  • Page 138

    Shortcuts editing 102 off 48 creating 104 switching 100 setting 48 deleting 105 temporary 101 setting in Contacts 33, 49 editing 105 viewing 100 vibrate 48 using 104 Programming, over-the-air 6 viewing assigned 49 SIM card 3, 11, 13 PUK code 13...

  • Page 139

    Index Symbols mode 53 setting up 57 viewing 90 sorting 61 Volume, setting 93, 97 Trademark information vii, 122 T9 Text Input, see text entry TTY calls 43 Talkgroups 45 Waits baud rate 44 joining 45 dialing 41 making 43...

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