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Beko BEKOMAT 3 E Ex Installation And Operating Manual

Beko BEKOMAT 3 E Ex Installation And Operating Manual

Condensate drain


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Installation and operating manual
ll 2G Ex ib llB T4 Gb
BVS 03 ATEX E 214 X
Condensate drain
3 E Ex
6 E Ex
3 CO Ex
6 CO Ex


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Beko BEKOMAT 3 E Ex

  • Page 1 EN- English Installation and operating manual Condensate drain BEKOMAT 3 E Ex ® BEKOMAT 6 E Ex ® BEKOMAT 3 CO Ex ® BEKOMAT 6 CO Ex ® ll 2G Ex ib llB T4 Gb BVS 03 ATEX E 214 X...
  • Page 2 Installation and operating manual BEKOMAT 3/6 CO Ex, 3/6 E Ex ®...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Installation and operating manual Contents 1. Safety information ............................4 1.1. Pictograms and symbols ........................... 4 1.1.1. In this document ..........................4 1.1.2. On the unit ............................4 1.2. Signal words according to ISO 3864 and ANSI Z.535 ................4 1.3.
  • Page 4: Safety Information

    Installation and operating manual 1. Safety information 1.1. Pictograms and symbols 1.1.1. In this document General instruction Observe installation and operating instructions General hazard symbol (danger, warning, caution) Warning regarding potentially explosive substances / risk of explosion General hazard symbols (danger, warning, caution) relating to mains voltage and powered machine parts 1.1.2.
  • Page 5: General Safety Instructions

    Installation and operating manual 1.3. General safety instructions DANGER Risk of explosion Risk to life from explosion, flash fire or combustion • On sites where there is a risk of explosion or combustion, all necessary measures for the safe operation of the machine, auxiliary devices and components must be taken. •...
  • Page 6 Installation and operating manual NOTE Warranty and liability Claims made with reference to warranty and liability shall only be deemed valid if the following instructions are strictly adhered to: • Do not make any modifications to the unit! • Use only original spare parts and accessories! • Strictly observe the installation and operating instructions! • Use the unit only for the intended purpose. For more information on warranty and liability, see 1.6, page 8. NOTE Installation and operating manual First make sure that the installation and operating manual actually refers to your device type.
  • Page 7: Transport And Storage

    Installation and operating manual 1.4. Transport and storage Despite our best efforts regarding packaging, etc., the device is susceptible to damage during transport. Upon  receipt, please remove all packaging material and inspect the device for visible damage. If you detect any such damage, immediately notify the carrier company and BEKO TECHNOLOGIES GMBH or one of its agents. CAUTION Damage caused during transport or storage Incorrect transport or storage, or the use of unsuitable lifting equipment might cause damage  to the device. •...
  • Page 8: Proper Use

    Installation and operating manual 1.5. Proper use The BEKOMAT  is an electronically level-controlled condensate drain for compressed air systems. The BEKOMAT ® ® is able to drain condensate from the plant components at operating pressure and with virtually no compressed air loss. The BEKOMAT  version with no-load drain/no-load valve caters for plants with low operating pressure, for  ® instance in connection with multi-stage compressors. This model must always be equipped with original spare parts and accessories. The BEKOMAT 3/6 CO Ex or 3/6 E Ex can be operated in potentially explosive atmospheres, provided that the ®...
  • Page 9: Product Information

    = 12,6 VDC / I = 150 mA Nur für bescheinigte, eigengesicherte Stromkreise. Only for certi ed, intrinsically safe circuits. Seulement pour des circuits de securité intrinsèque certi és. BEKO TECHNOLOGIES GMBH Im Taubental 7, 41460 Neuss 0158 Designation Description No.: BVS 03 ATEX E 214 X...
  • Page 10: Control And Display Elements

    Alarm /test LED Indicates the current system state of the BEKOMAT ® Test button Press this button to depressurise or manually drain the BEKOMAT ® NOTE No permanent drainage BEKO TECHNOLOGIES BEKOMAT ® Do not use the test button for permanent drainage! ALARM / TEST Alarm/test LED off TEST BEKOMAT is not powered.
  • Page 11: Function

    Installation and operating manual 2.4. Function From an operating pressure of ≥ 0.8/1.2, the condensate is drained through the solenoid valve  . The condensate flows through the upper condensate inlet  and is collected in the container The capacitive dual sensor  monitors the filling level in the container. If a certain filling level is reached, the  solenoid valve is opened and the condensate is discharged through the condensate discharge BEKOMAT 3/6 CO Ex, 3/6 E Ex ®...
  • Page 12: Dimensions

    Installation and operating manual 2.5. Dimensions 2.5.1. BEKOMAT 3 CO/E Ex ® 200 (7.8) (¾NPT-a) G¾-a (½NPT-i) G½-i (¾NPT-a) 160 (6.2) G¾-a G¼-i mm (inch) 2.5.2. BEKOMAT 6 CO/E Ex ® i = innen/inside a = außen/outside 29 (1.1) (¾“ NPT-i) G¾-i G½-i (½“...
  • Page 13: Technical Data

    Installation and operating manual 2.6. Technical data II 2G Ex ib IIB T4 Gb 0158 IP 65 General data 3 CO Ex 3 E Ex 6 CO Ex 6 E Ex Device group Device category Ignition protection type Explosion group Temperature class Device protection level Min.
  • Page 14: Identification Of Explosion-Proof Equipment According To Atex And Epl

    Installation and operating manual 2.6.1. Identification of explosion-proof equipment according to ATEX and EPL Device group ll Suitable for use in industrial areas with potentially explosive atmosphere; not for use in mines Device category 2G Suitable for use in areas in which an atmosphere at risk of explosion as a mixture of air and inflammable gases, vapours or  mists can form occasionally during normal operation (zones 1 and 2). Ex ib Ignition protection type ib - intrinsically safe Intrinsically safe according to EN 60079-11...
  • Page 15: Example Of Installation

    Installation and operating manual 3.2. Example of installation The diagram below shows an example of a BEKOMAT 3/6 installed in a potentially explosive area ® DANGER Risk of explosion Risk to life from explosion, flash fire or combustion • Observe all applicable rules and regulations for all work on and with the unit, including operation and maintenance (e.g. ATEX, CENELEC, NEC, TRBS, national guidelines and regulations).
  • Page 16: Installation

    Installation and operating manual 3.3. Installation The diagrams below show examples of BEKOMAT 3/6 installations for various condensation discharge rates. ® NOTE Installation instructions • Install a separate BEKOMAT at each point where condensate might be produced. ® • Do not use cone-shaped fittings. •...
  • Page 17 Installation and operating manual BEKOMAT 3 CO Ex / 3 E Ex - condensate discharge rate > 360 l/h ® Venting line (Ø ≥ ¾") Permanently installed pipe Manual drain (Ø ≥ ¼”) (recommended) Permanently installed pipe Condensate discharge of solenoid valve (Ø...
  • Page 18: Electrical Installation

    Installation and operating manual 4. Electrical installation 4.1. Installation instructions DANGER Insufficient qualification Improper handling and operation of the unit can result in serious or even fatal injury, and/or  damage to property. • All tasks described in this installation and operating manual must be performed by specialist technical personnel  who meet the following criteria: • Before carrying out any work with or on the device, all specialist technical personnel¹ must have read and understood the contents of this installation and operating manual.
  • Page 19: Wiring Diagram

    Installation and operating manual 4.2. Wiring diagram Non-harzardous ZONE „Safe“ area Netzteil 10 + BEKOMAT - Gehäuse ® Spannungs- versorgung 230 VAC 24 VAC/VDC KL 01 KL 02 Spannungs- versorgung 230 VAC 1(+) Valve / Ventil Intern Relais Ausgang Trennschaltverstärker BEKOMAT 3/6 CO Ex, 3/6 E Ex ®...
  • Page 20: Electrical Connections

    24. For additional information regarding the connection of the intrinsically safe power supply, see separate installation and operating manual. ALARM / TEST TEST NETZ / POWER 1. Loosen the screws of the electronics housing and remove the  housing cover. BEKO TECHNOLOGIES BEKOMAT ® 2. Loosen the armoured conduit fittings  3. Feed the cable through the cable duct (armoured conduit fitting)  and connect it according to the wiring diagram 4.2, page 19. Then screw in the armoured conduit fittings.
  • Page 21: Potential Equalisation

    Installation and operating manual 4.4. Potential equalisation The potential equalisation of the BEKOMAT is implemented through the ground terminals provided. Ensure that ® these terminals are properly connected to the protective earth conductor. Install the potential equalisation cables according to the wiring diagram 4.2, page 19. 4.5. NAMUR interface To ensure that any problems occurring during device operation are detected quickly, the BEKOMAT is connected ® to a NAMUR interface that forwards the fault signals. We recommend connecting the NAMUR interface to a switch amplifier and sending the signals to a centralised control system.
  • Page 22: Operation

    Installation and operating manual 6. Operation To ensure that any problems occurring during device operation are detected quickly, the BEKOMAT  is equipped  ® with a NAMUR interface. We recommend forwarding the signals to a central control desk so that the necessary measures can be taken without delay. NOTE Information about NAMUR interface For additional information regarding the connection of the NAMUR interface, see separate installation and operating manual as well as NAMUR interface 4.5, page 21.
  • Page 23: Maintenance And Servicing

    Installation and operating manual 7. Maintenance and servicing DANGER Insufficient qualification Improper handling and operation of the unit can result in serious or even fatal injury, and/or  damage to property. • All maintenance tasks must be performed by service personnel of BEKO TECHNOLOGIES GMBH or an authorised BEKO partner. 7.1. Maintenance schedule Maintenance Interval Function test • Press the TEST button daily •...
  • Page 24: Spare Parts

    Installation and operating manual 7.3. Spare parts ALARM / TEST TEST NETZ / POWER BEKOMAT 3 + 6 ® Top of cover 2800768 BEKO TECHNOLOGIES BEKOMAT ® 7.4. Accessories Table of available accessories Picture Description Order number* BEKOMAT 3 + 6 ®...
  • Page 25: Troubleshooting And Repair

    If your device has come into contact with a hazardous substance, also enclose a declaration of decontamination. The relevant templates can be downloaded from our homepage at If your device arrives at our service workshop without a declaration  of decontamination, and should our personnel be concerned about any media with which it might have come into contact, we will contact you.
  • Page 26: Declaration Of Conformity

    Installation and operating manual 11. Declaration of Conformity BEKOMAT 3/6 CO Ex, 3/6 E Ex ®...
  • Page 27 Installation and operating manual BEKO TECHNOLOGIES GMBH Im Taubental 7 41468 Neuss GERMANY Phone: +49 2131 988-0 EU Declaration of Conformity We hereby declare that the products named below comply with the stipulations of the relevant directives and technical standards. This declaration only refers to products in the condition in which they have been placed into circulation.
  • Page 28 Tel. +86 21 508 158 85 中華人民共和國香港特別行政區 / España / Spain Hong Kong SAR of China India BEKO Tecnológica España S.L.  BEKO TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED  BEKO COMPRESSED AIR TECHNOLOGIES Pvt. Ltd. Torruella i Urpina 37-42, nave 6 Unit 1010 Miramar Tower Plot No.43/1 CIEEP Gandhi Nagar E - 08758 Cervelló 132 Nathan Rd. Balanagar Hyderabad Tel.

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