Assembly Instructions - Kenmore DU2012 Use & Care Manual

Bagless upright vacuum cleaner
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Please pay special attention to these hazard alert boxes, and follow any
instructions given. WARNING statements alert you to such hazards as fire,
electric shock, burns and personal injury. CAUTION statements alert you to
such hazards as personal injury and/or property damage.
Before assembling the vacuum cleaner, check the PACKING LIST (page 2). Use this list to
verify that you have received all the components of your new Kenmore Bagless Upright
Vacuum Cleaner.
1. Insert the handle into the main body and
secure with one screw bolt provided.
Tighten the screw bolt with a
screwdriver or a coin. Ensure that the screw
bolt is secured.
2. Insert the larger end of the extension
wand into the top of the connection hose
through the bracket until the wand is
fully seated on the post.


- 7 -
3. Insert the end of the flexible hose into
the main body by aligning marks as
shown in UNLOCKED (for cleaning).
Rotate the hose until marks align as
shown in LOCKED (for use). Then run the
flexible hose over the lower hose storage
and the upper hose storage. Insert the
other end onto the top of the extension

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