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Troubleshooting - Kenmore DU2012 Use & Care Manual

Bagless upright vacuum cleaner
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Review this table to find do-it-yourself solutions for minor performance problems. Any
service needed, other than maintenance described in this Use & Care Guide, should be
performed by a qualified service agent.
Disconnect electrical supply before performing maintenance to the vacuum cleaner.
Failure to do so could result in electrical shock or personal injury.
Unplugged at wall outlet.
The On/Off switch is not pressed
to start the vacuum cleaner.
Vacuum cleaner
The vacuum body is overheated.
will not run.
The motor is damaged.
Defective wall outlet.
Full or clogged dust cup.
Filters need cleaning.
The brushroll or belt is worn or
The flexible hose is worn.
The connection hose is worn.
Poor job of dirt
The foam and felt filters are dirty
or worn.
There is a clog in the flexible hose
or connection hose of the vacuum
Dust cup is not installed well.
The hose or attachments are not
installed well.


Plug in firmly, press the On/Off switch to "I"
or "II" position.
Press the On/Off switch to "I" or "II"
Unplug the power cord and let the vacuum
cool down for 50 minutes.
Call 1-877-531-7321 for assistance.
Check with a good appliance or lamp. Be
sure the power cord plug is fully plugged
into a good wall outlet.
Empty the dust cup (page 16).
Follow filter cleaning instructions on page
Replace the brushroll or belt. To purchase
parts, call 1-844-202-9924.
Replace the hose. To purchase parts, call
Call 1-877-531-7321 for assistance.
Clean the foam and felt filters. Replace if
they are worn or broken. Follow instructions
on page 18.
Check and remove all clogs. Follow
instructions on page 22.
Check dust cup for correct installation and
ensure it is snapped firmly in place.
Check the hose and attachments for correct
installation and ensure they are snapped
firmly in place.
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