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Rds Features; Traffic Information; Radio Text Scroll - Kenwood DPX502U Instruction Manual

Dual din sized cd receiver
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RDS features


Traffic Information

Changing to traffic information automatically when
a traffic bulletin starts even when you are not
listening to the radio.
Press the [TI] button.
Each time you press the button, the Traffic
information function turns ON and OFF.
When traffic information is ON, "TI" indicator is ON.
When a traffic information station is not being
received the "TI" indicator blinks.
When a traffic bulletin starts, "TRAFFIC" is displayed
and the audio changes to traffic information.
• During reception of an AM station when the Traffic
Information function is turned ON, the frequency
changes to an FM station.
• During reception of traffic information the adjusted
volume is automatically remembered, and the next time
the audio changes to traffic information, the volume
automatically becomes the remembered volume.
Radio text
RDS indicator
1 - 6
TI indicator
PTY indicator
Receiving other traffic information stations
Push the Control knob towards [4] or [¢].
• Traffic information can be switched when it is on the
Tuner Source. However, you cannot switch the Traffic
information during reception of the Traffic bulletin
switched from the source other than the Tuner.

Radio Text Scroll

Scrolling the displayed radio text.
Push the Control knob toward up for at least 2
• When the <Display Illumination Control> (page 26) is set
to OFF, the display may black out while scrolling.
Control knob



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