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Connecting With Your Devices - Hitachi MP-JU4001 User Manual

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Arrangement (continued)
►Place the
- Install the projector away from walls or other objects in a well-ventilated place.
- Do not stop up, block nor cover the projector's vent holes.
- Do not place the projector on carpet, cushions or bedding.
- Do not place the product at places that are exposed to magnetic fields, doing
so can cause the cooling fans inside the
- When you use the
clogged more frequently. Clean the air filter periodically.
►Do not place the product in smoky, humid or dusty place.
(e.g. smoking area, kitchen, beach and near humidifiers.)
►Position the product to prevent light from directly hitting the projector's remote
►Positional deviation or distortion of a projected image, or shift of the focus
may occur due to ambient conditions, and so on. They tend to occur until the
operation becomes stable, especially within
source is turned
►Do not place the product in a place where radio interference may be caused.
For details, see the Operating Guide. (1)
Connecting with
Before connecting the projector to a device, consult the manual of the device to
confirm that the device is suitable for connecting with this product and prepare
the required accessories, such as a cable in accord with the signal of the device.
Consult your dealer when the required accessory did not come with the product or
the accessory is damaged.
After making sure that the projector and the devices are turned off, perform the
connection, according to the following instructions. Refer to figures F-1 to F-5 in
Supplement (the end of this manual).
For details, see the Operating Guide. (1) Before connecting the projector to
a network system, be sure to read the Network Guide. (1)
in a cool place with sufficient ventilation.
with the air filter facing towards the ceiling, it is
on. Check and readjust them as necessary.
your devices
about 30 minutes
to malfunction.
after the light
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