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Important safety instructions (continued)
►Use only the accessories specified or recommended by the manufacturer.
►Do not modify
the projector or accessories.
►Do not let any things or any liquids enter to the inside of the product.
►Do not get the product wet.
►Do not place the projector in the following place where oils or chemicals are
- near the kitchen which oil smoke comes from
- oils such as machine oils or aromatic oils are used
- smoke or bubbles for a show or a performance are used
- solvents, medicines, or detergent volatiles or adheres
- corrosive gas is generated
Do not use adhesive such as threadlocker, lubricant and so on.
• Oils adhere to the product due to oil smoke, resulting in fire, electrical shock,
or malfunction.
• Degradation of plastic harms the product, resulting in injury, fire, electrical
shock, or malfunction due to falling from the ceiling, wall, or high mounted
►Do not apply a shock or pressure to this product.
- Do not place the product on an unstable place such as the uneven surface
or the leaned table.
- Ensure the product is stable. Place the projector so that it does not protrude
from the surface where the projector is placed on.
- Remove all the attachments including the power cord and cables, from the
projector when carrying the projector.
►Do not look into the lens and the openings on the
source is on, since the projection ray may cause a trouble on your eyes.
►Do not approach the exhaust vents, while the light source is on. Also after the
light source goes out, do not approach them for a while, since too hot.
while the light



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