Hitachi MP-JU4001 User Manual page 18

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Cleaning and replacing the air filter (continued)
►Before taking care of the air filter, make sure the power cord is not plugged in,
then allow the projector to cool sufficiently.
►Use only
the air filter of the specified type. Do not use the projector without
the air filter or the filter
►Clean the air filter periodically. If the air filter becomes
on, internal temperatures rise and could cause a fire, a burn or
the projector.
the filter time only when you have cleaned or replaced the air filter, for a
• Reset
suitable indication about the air filter.
• The projector may display the message such as the "CHECK THE AIR FLOW" or turn
off the projector, to prevent the internal heat level rising.
cover. It could result in a fire or malfunction to the
clogged by dust and so
malfunction to



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