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Whirlpool 8LIECH-SCSSFP5W User Manual

Whirlpool 8LIECH-SCSSFP5W User Manual

Self cleaning hot & cold hidden bottle water cooler
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Self Cleaning
Hot & Cold Hidden
Bottle Water Cooler
For service call: 1-844-494-4757
8LIECH-SCSSFP5W © 2014 Electrotemp Technologies Inc.
PN: 5M009983XW00


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  • Page 1 Self Cleaning Hot & Cold Hidden Bottle Water Cooler Model No.: 8LIECH-SCSSFP5W USER MANUAL SAVE THIS MANUAL FOR FUTURE USE For service call: 1-844-494-4757 8LIECH-SCSSFP5W © 2014 Electrotemp Technologies Inc. PN: 5M009983XW00...
  • Page 2: Safety Precautions

    Model # 8LIECH-SCSSFP5W: Page 2 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Your safety and the safety of others are very important. We have provided many important safety messages in this manual and your appliance. Always read and follow all safety messages. This is the safety alert symbol.
  • Page 3: Safety Precautions-Electrical Requirements

    Model # 8LIECH-SCSSFP5W: Page 3 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS ---Electrical Requirements WARNING Electrical shock Hazard Plug into a grounded 3 prong outlet. Do not remove ground prong. Do not use an adapter. Do not use an extension cord. Failure to follow these instructions can result in death, fire, or electrical shock.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Model # 8LIECH-SCSSFP5W: Page 4 TABLE OF CONTENTS Safety Precautions ..............Safety Precautions-Electrical Requirements ......Product Features ................ Key Information for Future Use ..........Specifications ................Parts & Features ................Unpacking and Assembly ............Installation ..................Cleaning Prior to Initial Use ............
  • Page 5: Specifications

    Model # 8LIECH-SCSSFP5W: Page 5 SPECIFICATIONS Power Supply 8Amp. Refrigerant Type R-134A Cold Water Power <100 Watts Cold Capacity / Hour 6 Litres / 1.59 Gallon Cold Temperature 3°C - 10°C / 37.4°F - 50°F Hot Water Power 870 Watts Hot Capacity / Hour 8 Litres / 2.11 Gallon...
  • Page 6: Unpacking And Assembly

    Model # 8LIECH-SCSSFP5W: Page 6 UNPACKING AND ASSEMBLY Remove the dispenser from packaging: WARNING TO OPEN: Excessive Weight Hazard Use two or more people to move and install the water cooler and the bottles. Failure to do so can result in back or other injury.
  • Page 7: Cleaning Prior To Initial Use

    Model # 8LIECH-SCSSFP5W: Page 7 CLEANING PRIOR TO INITIAL USE To remove any odors or dust that may have accumulated during shipment, you may want to clean the dispenser prior to first use. Time Required: 45 minutes. Notice: Do NOT plug in power cord yet.
  • Page 8: Operation

    Model # 8LIECH-SCSSFP5W: Page 8 OPERATION IMPORTANT This unit is intended for water dispensing only. Do NOT use other liquids. Do NOT use for other purposes. Warranty is void if used with any other liquids such as coffee, tea, juices, beer or wine.
  • Page 9 Model # 8LIECH-SCSSFP5W: Page 9 NOTE: When using a 5 gallon rectangular bottle, slide it into place as shown in the illustration below. • If the probe tube A and B(see previous page) are not sealed, the pump will run a few min- utes and the night lights will flash.
  • Page 10 Model # 8LIECH-SCSSFP5W: Page 10 Dispensing Cold Water Note: After setup, it will take up to 6 hours to get the water to its maximum cold temperature. During this time, the compressor may run continuously as the refrigeration system builds the "Ice Bank"...
  • Page 11: Proper Care & Cleaning

    Model # 8LIECH-SCSSFP5W: Page 11 There may be a small amount of water left in the bottle. This is normal. 1. Open door and slide bottle out. 2. Remove the probe from the bottle: • Pull the probe straight up until completely out of bottle.
  • Page 12 Model # 8LIECH-SCSSFP5W: Page 12 2. The water pump delivers water to the cold tank. Besides a low humming pump noise, the sound of water running into the cold tank, can also be heard. 3. When the Hot Power Switch (see Parts and Features Section) is turned on, sounds of normal expansion and contraction of metal parts may be heard as the water is heated.
  • Page 13 Model # 8LIECH-SCSSFP5W: Page 13 2. Fill the bottle with the water and bleach mixture. 3. Insert the probe into the bottle. 4. Slide the bottle into the cabinet and close the door. WARNING Electrical shock Hazard Plug into a grounded 3 prong outlet.
  • Page 14 Model # 8LIECH-SCSSFP5W: Page 14 6. Turn the energy saving switches ON. 7. Allow the water to fill up the empty reservoirs. 8. Wait 10 minutes then turn the energy saving switches OFF and unplug the power cord. 9. Place a 2 gallon or larger bucket under the drain plug in the rear of the dispenser.
  • Page 15: Troubleshooting

    Model # 8LIECH-SCSSFP5W: Page 15 TROUBLESHOOTING Dispenser is not operating. • Make sure that the power cord is properly connected to a working outlet. • Confirm that power switches located in the back of unit are ON. They will glow in the ON position if they are on.
  • Page 16 Model # 8LIECH-SCSSFP5W: Page 16 LED night lights are flashing and the dispenser is making beeping noises. • Replace the empty bottle. If unavailable, leave the door ajar or unplug the cooler to stop the beeping noise and the flashing lights.
  • Page 17 Model # 8LIECH-SCSSFP5W: Page 17 How to Connect /disconnect the quick connector and tubes 1. Remove U-shaped lock. 2. Press collet and pull tubing out. 3. If the end of the tubes have burrs, they can be removed by using a pencil sharpener as shown below. Do not create a large taper on the end of the tube because it can cause a leak.
  • Page 18: Limited Warranty

    Model # 8LIECH-SCSSFP5W: Page 18 LIMITED WARRANTY Electrotemp Technologies Inc., (“Vendor”) warrants to the original purchaser of this dispenser, and to no other person, that if this dispenser is assembled and operated in accordance with the printed instructions accompanying it, then for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase, all parts in such dispenser shall be free from defects in material and workmanship.
  • Page 19 ©2014 Whirlpool. All rights reserved. ® Manufactured under license by Electrotemp Technologies Inc., Mississauga, ON. Limited Warranty provided by manufacturer.
  • Page 20 File Name:Manual 8LIECH-SCSSFP5W-English PN:5M009983XW00 Technical requirement: 1、Size: 215×279mm 2、Single color printing 3、Meets ROHS requirements 4、Sample must be con rmed before mass production. Do not revise drawing without authorization. Design: Audit by engineer: Audit by salesman: Audit by QC: Approved by:...

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