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Communication unit for gt15-75j71lp23-z, gt15-75j71br13-z
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5. Precautions for Laying Cables

5.1 Precautions for cable connection (A9GT-QJ71LP23)

(1) The distance between stations varies depending on the type of
optical fiber cable used.
SI optical fiber cable
(Old type: A-2P- )
SI optical fiber cable
H-PCF optical fiber cable
Broad-band H-PCF optical fiber cable
QSI optical fiber cable
(2) When connecting an optical fiber cable, the following restrictions on
the bending radius must be observed.
For further details, please ask the supplier where you parchase the
(3) When laying the optical fiber cable, do not touch the fiber core of the
cable connector or module connector, or let dirt or dust collect on it.
If oil from the hands, dirt or dust should adhere to the core, the
transmission loss will increase, causing a malfunction in the data
(4) When attaching or detaching the optical-fiber cable to/from the
module, hold the cable connector securely with the hands.
(5) Connect the cable connector and module connector securely until
you hear a "click" sound.
(6) Please wire IN/OUT of the connector for the cable correctly.
After wiring, perform a loop test or station-to-station test or others to
confirm if the setting and wiring of A9GT-QJ71LP23 have been done
For testing methods, refer to the following manuals.
• Type MELSECNET/10 Network system (PLC to PLC network)
• For QnA/Q4AR MELSECNET/10 Network System
• Q Corresponding MELSECNET/H Network System
L type
H type
Reference Manual
Reference Manual
Reference Manual (PLC to PLC network)
Distance between stations [m (ft.)]
500 (1640.5)
300 (984.3)
500 (1640.5)
1000 (3281)
1000 (3281)
1000 (3281)


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents