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Yamaha DSP-A3090 Operation Manual: Descriptions Of The Sound Field Programs

Yamaha digital sound field processing amplifier operation manual.
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The following list gives brief descriptions of the sound fields produced by each of the DSP programs. Keep in mind that most of these are
precise digital recreations of actual acoustic environments. The data for them was recorded at the locations described using sophisticated sound
field measurement equipment.
* The channel level balance between the left rear effect speaker and the right rear effect speaker may vary depending on the sound
field you are listening to. This is due to the fact that most of these sound field recreations are actual acoustic environments.
Hall A in Europe:
Hall B in Europe:
This is a large fan-shaped concert hall in
Munich which has approximately 2500
seats. Almost the whole interior is made of
wood. There is relatively little reflection
from the right and left walls, and sounds
spread finely and beautifully.
This is a large shoe-box type concert hall
with approximately 2500 seats. Almost the
whole interior except the ceiling is made of
wood, including mahogany reflective
panels. Special reflective paneling above
the stage produces strong frontal
reflections which tend to reinforce the
direct sound from the stage. This hall has a
very solid, powerful sound.
Hall C in Europe:
A classic shoe-box type concert hall with
approximately 1700 seats. Pillars and
ornate carvings create extremely complex
reflections. Those reflections and the
reflections from all directions of the hall
produce a very full, rich sound.
Hall D in U.S.A.:
This is a large 2600-seat concert hall in the
United States which features a fairly
traditional European design. The interior is
relatively simple, suggesting an American
taste. Sound of the middle and high
frequencies are richly and beautifully


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