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Yamaha DSP-A3090 Operation Manual: Troubleshooting

Yamaha digital sound field processing amplifier operation manual.
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Power does not come on.
No sound.
No sound from the effect speakers.
No sound from the front effect speakers.
No sound from the center speaker.
Poor bass reproduction.
The sound suddenly goes off.
The volume level cannot be increased, or
sound is distorted.
DSP parameters and some other settings on
this unit cannot be changed.
The sound field cannot be recorded.
This unit will not operate properly.
A source cannot be recorded by a tape deck
or VCR connected to this unit.
Noise from nearby TV or tuner.


AC cord not properly plugged in.
Bad cable connection.
Bad or incorrect input connection.
Incorrect input source selection.
The EFFECT switch is set off.
A Dolby Surround decoding program is being
used with material not encoded with Dolby
The FRONT MIX switch is set to "ON".
PROLOGIC/Normal (or AC-3/Normal) of the
sound field program No. 12 is selected.
One of the sound field programs No. 1 to No. 6 is
The LFE/BASS OUT mode is in the SW or BOTH
position, through your system does not include a
Output mode selection for each channel (MAIN,
CENTER or REAR) is improper.
The protection circuit has activated because of
short circuit etc.
The power to the component connected to the
REC OUT jacks of this unit is off.
The "MEMORY GUARD" function is set ON.
It is not possible to record the sound field on a
tape deck connected to this unit's TAPE REC
OUT jacks.
The internal microcomputer has been frozen by
an external electric shock (lightning, excessive
static electricity, etc.) or power supply with low
The source unit is connected to this unit between
digital jacks only.
This unit is too close to the affected equipment.
Carefully plug AC plug into outlet.
Firmly plug in all connection cables.
Check connections.
Select the appropriate input source with the INPUT SELECTOR or
the TAPE 2 MONITOR switch.
Press the EFFECT switch to turn it on.
Use a different sound field program.
Set the FRONT MIX switch to "OFF".
Select another program (or sub-program).
Select the appropriate mode.
Select another program.
Select the MAIN position.
Make output mode selections suitable for your speaker system.
Turning the unit off and then on will reset the protection circuit.
Turn the power to the component on.
Unplug the AC power cord from the wall AC outlet, and then
plug in again after about one minute.
Make additional connection between analog jacks.
Move the unit further away from the affected equipment.


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