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Yamaha DSP-A3090 Operation Manual: Speaker Setup

Yamaha digital sound field processing amplifier operation manual.
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Setting Up Your Speaker System
This unit has been designed to provide the best sound field
quality with a full seven-speaker system setup, using two extra pairs
of effect speakers to generate the sound field plus one center
speaker for dialog. We therefore recommend that you use a seven-
speaker setup. A four-speaker system using only one pair of effect
speakers for the sound field will still provide impressive ambience
and effects, however, and may be a good way to begin with this unit.
You can always upgrade to the full seven speaker system later. In the
4 or 5 speaker system, the Digital Sound Field Processing is still
performed, but the main speakers are used for both the main
channels and the front effect channels.


Use of the Center Dialog Speaker Is Recommended
No. 7 through No. 12, or when the Dolby Surround AC-3 is decoded
with any DSP program used, dialog, vocals etc. are output from the
center channel. Therefore, if you want to maximize the performance
of your Audio/Video home theater system, it is recommended that
you use a center channel speaker.
possible to enjoy movie viewing without it. Best results, however, are
obtained with the full system.
Use of a Subwoofer Expands Your Sound Field
of a subwoofer and amplifier. The use of a subwoofer is effective not
only for reinforcing bass frequencies from any or all channels, but
also for reproducing the LFE (low frequency effect) sound with high
fidelity when playing back a source with the Dolby Surround AC-3
decoded. You may wish to choose the convenience of a Yamaha
Active Servo Processing Subwoofer System, which has its own built-
in power amp.
When playing back a source with the "CINEMA DSP" programs
If for some reason it is not practical to use a center speaker, it is
It is also possible to further expand your system with the addition


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